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Carry-On Suitcase That Turns Into a Bed Is a Miracle For Parents Traveling With Kids

This suitcase for kids turns into a bed.

Posted by INVENTIONS INSIDER on Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Any parent who has ever flown with a little one knows the struggle: trying to help your kiddo to get some sleep on the plane.

Whether you have a baby or small child, attempting to get them (and keep them) comfortable in such a limited space without disturbing others is no easy feat. Christina and Halvor Holmgren were all too familiar with this challenge while trying to travel with their daughter, so they came up with something that is a major game-changer for parents and their kids.

Their solution is the JetKids BedBox ($170) and this kid-friendly suitcase is pretty genius. It's designed for little ones up to 7 years old, and this carry-on bag doubles as a seat with wheels so little ones can ride on it through airports. Once on the plane, it transforms their seat into a bed or a comfortable footrest for snoozing during the flight. Plus, the fold-out mattress doesn't take up all of the space so there's room to pack some of your kiddos favorite items to enjoy during the flight. This is the travel miracle parents have been waiting for!

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