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Child Suspended For Mom's Facebook Status

Child Kicked Out of Preschool Because of Mom's Facebook Status

If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all — especially on Facebook. Ashley Habat's 4-year-old son was expelled from his preschool because of a post she made on her personal page. After a disagreement with an administrator at her son's school, the Sonshine Christian Academy, the Florida mother took to Facebook to express her frustrations. In her status she wrote, "why is it that every single day there is something new I dislike about Will's school? Are my standards really too high or are people working in the education field really just that ignorant?" Though Habat's Facebook page is set to private, she tagged the school in her post, which allowed the administration to see it. She was called into the principal's office the next day and was told that her son could no longer attend the school, as her Facebook post violated a contract she'd signed earlier in the year.

"I was in shock," Habat says. "He had done nothing wrong."

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AprilDempsey AprilDempsey 2 years

Yes, she screwed up by tagging the school. She should not, however, have had her son expelled because of the school administration seeing a rant on social media. I believe that people and organizations are given too much power just because they don't like what someone else says on a social media outlet. It's supposed to be just that: an outlet.

RitaDavey RitaDavey 2 years

If the mother has done something wrong why punish the child? Where is our "Freedom of Speech". If the tables were turned would they shut the school down, of course not. Why should the child be asking "why can't I go to school?" How is a mother to explain this to a young child. No parents' have taken their children out of the school over it, I'm sure the school is not receiving crude remarks from parents. Deal with the Mother not condemn the child. The mother is the one who has to drop her child off, she is the one having to deal with remarks, I'm sure she can handle that in a much more respective manner. She herself I'm sure knows' this should not have been tagged and "yes" possibly a mistake. Why is it that everyone see's the worst in people. What has happened to our Society? Why are we blaming the child? Are people so high on their horse's to say they never made a mistake.
Let the child back in!!! Dealing with the mother is a separate matter. If people think that the school's are not speaking about our children or their parents that you do not know about, think again!! Wouldnt' you just love to be a "Fly on the Wall"

SyndellLayton SyndellLayton 2 years

Hahahaha university right..... Please enlighten me as to where I live or my kids the photos of them show a profile shot and the backs of their heads so please by all means prove that you would recognize them from thousands of other kids. My kids are fully protected and the photos and videos that are public on my page are at a race my kids didn't attend. You must be insane.

The additional information I mentioned was the fact that the woman's hissy fit was about picture day and she did not try to "resolve the issue".

Obviously you do not comprehend social media or the rules behind it. No lawsuit could be made and as facebook has repeated on numerous occasions it is a public forum and if you don't want something public then don't put it online. Maybe you should read your terms and conditions. The "privacy" setting is not a guarantee in any way shape or form. As I said and fb has said it's a public forum.

It's too bad that you're too pathetic to admit when you're wrong. By all means though travel over your "ocean" and come find us. You'll be met with a bullet.

SyndellLayton SyndellLayton 2 years

No sweetie you should believe that Facebook is a public forum because they have stated so, once again do your research.

Why would any of her "previous" issues matter, this one is the one that matters, and she whined to the school and then went home and whined on fb.

And as far as information on my page the fact that I'm in a relationship is all that can be seen on my current relationship and a few photos and outing, for my previous I may have posted a few about my divorce but since that was almost 3 years ago. As far as my kids what info do you have beyond a couple videos of her preschool graduation that are public so her father can see them and that I have 2 kids. Oh and the single comment about a neighbor from a apartment complex I haven't lived in in quite a long time.

You're an utter and complete moron and I'm done wasting time on someone as ignorant and childish as you. You went completely off the whole subject here. Please get a life and a personality and an education beyond the 8th grade.

SyndellLayton SyndellLayton 2 years

Actually they did go into quite a bit more detail on CNN HuffingtonPost any local news station, etc. it's pretty obvious she didn't try to resolve the complaint with the school. Here's A photo of one such article.

Obviously you have no idea what a public forum is maybe you should look up the definition for that. Allow me to explain it in the simplest of terms for you. Facebook fully admits to being a public forum anything put on the Internet regardless of a private setting is public.

As far as they defamation goes feel free to sue me. I'd rather be the chick with a stick up her but then the idiot who doesn't realize what they're talking about.

SyndellLayton SyndellLayton 2 years

Actually they did go into to detail, on cnn though I cannot post the video on here it shouldn't be hard to find. Here's an actual article though and if you actually knew anything about the story you'd realized why her complaint was stupid.

Obviously you have no idea what a public forum actually is maybe that's a definition you should look up. Either way allow me to explain it in the simplest terms for you. Facebook admits to being a public forum (see photo below) secondly the moment something is posted on the internet, regardless of a private setting, it becomes public. Any friend on your page can copy a photo or post you made and she are it on any site or page they want provided it's not used for commercial use. There is nothing you can do but complain and request it be removed, no legal action to be taken.

Oh and as far as the defamation goes feel free to sue me. I'll just tell the judge my so called "pms" caused it. I'm more than happy to be the b**** with a stick up her a$$ than the dipshit who defends another dipshit for a dipshit move over picture day.

SyndellLayton SyndellLayton 2 years

Income doesn't mean rich it means being able to afford kids, capability meaning the ability and stability to raise a child, and so on meaning serious mental evaluation to aviod these things and other things.

SyndellLayton SyndellLayton 2 years

As far as I'm concerned hitler could have been right on that front. If there were requirements such as intelligence, capability, income, and so on, maybe less babies would be left in hot cars, beaten, or used as welfare tools. Children are a privilege not a right.

SyndellLayton SyndellLayton 2 years

Actually I read this story when it first broke on an actual news site, no she did not try anything with the school, and you are an utter moron if you don't consider social media to be a public forum, especially Facebook.

TamikaTwiggs1366769204 TamikaTwiggs1366769204 2 years

She's an idiot. Why is the school her FB friend? Why would she tag the school in her post.She is openly defaming the school, and the administration responded appropriately. If her high standards weren't being met by the school, it was time to take him out anyway.
Facebook is not a place for personal/private thoughts. THAT book is called a diary. It's crazy that people are having a hard time differentiating between the two. There's nothing wrong with making a general statement, but she went beyond that.

SyndellLayton SyndellLayton 2 years

Well aren't you special, you can copy and paste from a dictionary. It's comical here that the argument has become about my choice of wording in a statement instead of the idiocy and ignorance of this so-called mother. Grow up people.

TiffanyWilliamsSeib TiffanyWilliamsSeib 2 years

Have you ever looked up the definition of ignorant? no where does it say idiot! here it is since you are "ignorant "to the definition of ignorant:

adjective: ignorant
lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.
"he was told constantly that he was ignorant and stupid"
synonyms:uneducated, unknowledgeable, untaught, unschooled, untutored, untrained, illiterate, unlettered, unlearned, unread, uninformed, unenlightened, benighted; More
inexperienced, unworldly, unsophisticated
"the plight of these ignorant children should be an international concern"
lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular.
"they were ignorant of astronomy"synonyms:without knowledge of, unaware of, unconscious of, oblivious to, incognizant of, unfamiliar with, unacquainted with, uninformed about, ill-informed about, unenlightened about, unconversant with, inexperienced in/with, naive about, green about; informalin the dark about, clueless about

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