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pecanpie24 pecanpie24 3 years

Love this... I can relate to them all

ElizabethCrawford8062 ElizabethCrawford8062 3 years

Maybe....I have a 13 year old and most of this seems really obvious. You didn't have Blockbuster?? or video tapes?? The internet I can see, but we had it at our house--my brothers were computer nerds and it was all text back then.

My mom had a pager, but I never knew a kid with them.

LindaOConnor85662 LindaOConnor85662 3 years

Wow - I must be a really old Mom of a 14 year old, because the only ones that resonate with me are the reading and the "looking stuff up" ones. Because most of those things (Blockbuster, video tapes, pagers, the internet, etc, weren't around when I was young either.

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