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Crazy Childbirth Story

Mother Gives Birth During a High-Speed Car Chase

We've heard our share of wild childbirth stories, but this one from the United Kingdom may top them all. Earlier this week, police officers were chasing down a car that was going 100 mph and expected to catch a criminal. Instead, it turned out to be Colin Ellmore, a Hampshire man trying to get his pregnant daughter, Tiffany, to a hospital.

"We boxed [the speeding car] in forcing it to stop and when it did the driver got out and we thought he was running off," said Sergeant Simon Goss of the Hampshire Police. "But he ran around the car to the passenger side and shouted something about a baby."

When the police officers walked over to the car, they saw Tiffany in the passenger seat holding a newborn. Colin later explained that he and his daughter were driving to the hospital at the legal speed limit when her contractions intensified. Unable to wait, Tiffany began pushing while her father picked up the pace.


To see how mom and baby are doing, read the full story on Huffington Post.

Source: Twitter user itvnews; Front Page Image Source: Shutterstock

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Jennifer57836 Jennifer57836 3 years

Such a joyous smile from the police - only a baby can do that!

AnnaGrillot AnnaGrillot 3 years

I was going to comment this exact same thing.

dervue dervue 3 years

Yea. I also agree with you on here. He should of have call for EMS and have it delivered the baby at home. Much safer and keep the mother and baby out of danger from a high speed. When my wife gave birth to our first child the first sign of complications, I hurry her to the delivery room no question ask. Luckily we made it there on time. What he done was endangered to his daughter and her baby.

mnwatson1 mnwatson1 3 years

Should you ever be in this position, I want you to stop your emotional reaction (drive faster) to reason out the situation and what you SHOULD do, and then follow through. Especially when the person giving birth is your child, who is in great pain, and more than likely terrified, and has no idea what to do.

If you've never given birth, you DON'T know the emotions that go with it for the mother, and for everyone around her. It's a very stressful situation, and while he *should* have stopped and called for paramedics, the brain is biologically wired to throw logic to the wind when emotions overwhelm.

dervue dervue 3 years

I totally agree with u. I live in America and if he was to get out and run to the passager, 10 cops will tase him and beat him to death and their excuse will be, "He was resisting arrest" and all that bullshits.

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