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Dad's Contract to Kids For Pet Dog

Kids Always Beg For a Pet Dog, but No Dad Has Ever Responded Quite Like This

family dog contract drafted by reluctant dad

For generations, kids have begged their parents for a pet dog. It's essentially a childhood rite of passage, right up there with learning to ride a bike and threatening to run away from home. But only a few parents have likely drafted a legally binding "family dog contract" and went on to have each child sign the document before agreeing to add a furry friend to the household.

Herein is one of those parents. Father to Amy, Jessica, Casey, and Samantha, this dad created a 13-point contract and posted it to Imgur — possibly to make it hold up in a court of law? — before it went viral for its head-scratching requirements.

For instance, although the dad gets full veto power over the dog's name and breed (no slobberers, sorry), he refuses to allow anything fancier than "plain old dog food" for feeding purposes and he won't budge on the animal being a part of the family Christmas card in either name or likeness.

One area he did budge on? Although he originally mandated a 10-pound dog, it appears one of his children convinced him to amend the target weight to a more respectable 15 pounds.

It's clear he's raising his kids to be just as good at negotiating as their proud pop!

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