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This Dad's Hilarious "Hack" For His Kids' Bath Time Ensures Everything Goes Swimmingly

Getting your kids squeaky clean in the tub is no easy feat for some parents. But thankfully, one crafty dad of four created a simple hack that makes bath time a breeze: using as many bubbles as humanly possible. And honestly, we've never seen anything cuter.

The dad posted the hilarious video of his kiddos going bonkers over the giant wall of bubbles he made to the Facebook group Good Husband Movement - LoveTap, and it's safe to say a lot of parents will probably be stealing his idea. So far, the post has racked up over 11,000 shares and 3,300 reactions since it was posted on Jan. 15. "Sometimes being a good husband means simply being a good dad," the dad captioned his post. "Give your wife a break and take over bath time now and then."

And while this looks like the definition of a rip-roaring good time by anyone's standards, one question still remains before we can all start a bubble party in our own tubs — what brand of bubble bath is that?!

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