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Dad Makes Video About How to Change the Toilet Paper Roll

See What Happens When One Frustrated Dad Can't Get His Kids to Change the Toilet Paper Roll

If you've told them once, you've told them a thousand times: when you finish the toilet paper, change the roll. But for some reason, the message just isn't getting through to your kids. Such was the case for Will Reid, a frustrated dad who'd had it with telling his kids the same thing over and over again. So he did what any modern dad would do. He made a video about it. But instead of making a musical parody, he did it as a deadpan instructional video for teens:

"My kids said this wouldn't go worldwide, as no one would be interested! I guess there are other parents out there that feel the same as I do."

Yes, quite a few! Reid says it is the first in a series, so here's hoping we see "How to Put Away Your Laundry," "How to Throw Away the Empty Milk Container," and "How to Take the Trash Out" in upcoming episodes.

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TiffanyDirks TiffanyDirks 2 years

That was classic. Love it!

GayleDavis59811 GayleDavis59811 3 years

My teenagers learned that I was sick of telling them, "How hard is it to replace the roll!" when I left a phone book in their bathroom instead of toilet paper. Imagine their shock and surprise... "What's this? Where's the toilet paper?" I calmly said, "That's what you will be using until you can learn to replace the toilet paper when it's used up."
Guess what? I didn't need to embarrass them by making a video and posting it on social media for myself to get attention.They learned I wasn't messing around and rather than use the phone book paper, they learned very quickly to change the roll.

susimay susimay 3 years

I am pushing for my kids to get the advanced version. So far, just remedial to nothing! I will persevere!

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