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This Dad Uses Face Swap to Perfectly Narrate His Kids Eating a Dinner of "Hot Garbage"

Although the "face swap" feature on Snapchat already seems ancient in internet years, one dad is still using the awkward feature to make hilarious videos with his two daughters — and you won't know whether to crack up or cringe. In Woodsie's most recent video from a few months ago — titled "QUEEN BABY: Food Critic" — the dad from Kansas City uses face swap at the dinner table with his girls and narrates their honest feelings about the meal their dad made them. Both sporting blond hair and their dad's mustachioed face, the girls (cough, Woodsie) rip apart the dinner, and it looks so authentic that you can't help but laugh.

"Oh, wonderful, you know I was just saying that tonight for dinner I hope we have a plate full of hot garbage," his younger daughter Violet "says" after her dad slides a plate of what looks like cut-up hot dogs and ketchup in front of her. "So thank you, my dream has come true. Hey dad, do you know how to cook, or do you just know how to put trash in the oven and then put it on the plate? Because that's what you did — this is garbage."

And it only gets funnier — and more cringe-worthy — from there.

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