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Funny Breastfeeding Video

Breastfeeding Moms Want to Ruin Your Day

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There is little that's more controversial in the mommy world than breastfeeding in public. After all, why bare your breasts in front of others when you can feed your child behind closed doors? Well, it's simple really: breastfeeding moms wants to ruin your day. At least, that's what people think.

In a new music video, the women behind Sparrow Folk (sarcastically) reveal what's really going on in a woman's mind as she unbuttons her maternity top. No, it's not that she wants to feed or comfort her crying child. Rather, mothers want to show off their growing assets and, above all else, "ruin your day with tits." Check out the music video and enjoy a laugh or two.

Agnes15444216 Agnes15444216 3 years
Patrick15432122, how exactly are eating and eliminating waste supposed to be regarded as the same sort of activity? Your comparison makes no sense.
Chelsey15442855 Chelsey15442855 3 years
I definitely dont go out of my way to hide my breasts. If you dont like it then you go eat in the bathroom stall with a blanket over your head.
Elizabeth15435212 Elizabeth15435212 3 years
Funny video. I will say, of all my friends and family, myself included, who have breastfed in public, none of us have 'let it all hang out'. It's not some circus trick that's involved in feeding a kid, especially with the way nursing clothing is made today. I have never personally known anyone who experienced, myself included, any kind of discrimination or difficulty in breastfeeding in public, although that is not to say it never happens. We've certainly seen/read enough reporting on this issue to know it does, in fact, happen regularly. Still, it's just a breast, and it's just for feeding a baby. People need to stop clutching their pearls so tightly. Oh, and susan thompson is a troll, so please don't feed her. Breastfeeding is natural and beautiful. It's a gift I'm glad I tried because, frankly, I had no intention of doing so the entirety of my first pregnancy until maybe the two weeks leading up to my son's birth, and I am so glad I did it. It was the most natural and amazing thing. Still, it's not for everyone, and it is not easy for everyone. We are all individuals with unique life experiences. It'd be nice if we could be more supportive of each other as human beings and not spew such vitriol and judgment. To liken nursing mothers to a dog is absurd and inflammatory, which is contrary to a website like this one that is supposed to be used in advice and support of parenting issues and needs.
MarianKolbe MarianKolbe 3 years
I'm not exactly a scientist, but I think people misunderstand research that shows that children that are breastfed have higher IQs or are sick less often. Anecdotal evidence doesn't disprove scientific research. The ethics of medical research preclude doing double blind randomized controlled studies on those subjects. The studies that can be done can only show a correlation not causation. Also, the studies show that these results apply to the overall study population. So some BF will have a higher IQ than other BF babies and some FF babies will have a higher IQ than BF babies. It doesn't say that all BF babies have a higher IQ. It's also my understanding that these studies sometimes include mixed fed babies in the BF population. Also, due to the types of studies used there may be other factors that may affect the results. Research has shown that women with higher education levels BF in greater numbers and for longer and are more likely of a higher socioeconomic status. So is it the BFing or increased educational opportunities or access to better schools or all those things that contribute to the greater likelihood of a higher IQ for BF babies? As for the video, some of these comments just prove their point. I don't care if you cover or don't cover or have the whole breast exposed or just enough for baby to latch on. What's most important is that you do what's comfortable for you and your nursing. It's not really support if you put conditions on that support.
anonymousanonymous anonymousanonymous 3 years
I have no problem with breast feeding in public but my problem is with the women who pull out their entire breast in front of everyone and proceed to breastfeed. There are discreet ways to go about it. I honestly feel that some the women who show the entire breast are women who want attention or maybe they want to stir up some controversy. As for the comment about breastfed babies being more intelligent than bottle fed babies; that's a bunch of boloney!! I know several bottle fed children who have grown up to be very intelligent kids. Out of my 2 daughters, my older one was breast fed, (and I was discreet about the teet), while my younger one was bottle fed. Well, guess what - my younger one has a higher IQ by about 10 points. There are so many variables to consider. I've read and heard so many stories regarding the claims about breastfed babies having higher IQ's as nothing more than propaganda from the pro-breast feeding community. Also, my younger daughter has been sick much less than my older daughter. It's funny because I have coworkers, relatives, and friends who have very similar situations where they have found that their breast fed children are no more intelligent or healthier than their bottle fed children. There is little to no legitimate scientific backing to these biased claims!!!
elainemelissanyathi elainemelissanyathi 3 years
They really have lost the plot. Breastfeeding the most natural and best thing for baby. Women move about with they cleavage in our faces yet breastfeeding ruining they day. They must get a life what's worse is that it's women in the forefront of the song
AndreaMeyer77796 AndreaMeyer77796 3 years
Why is this even an issue? Who cares what others think? Why is it ok for there to be women with tons of cleavage and short skirts and people have no issue but a woman chooses to FEED her baby and the world goes crazy. Grow up! It's a boob, she isnt taking her clothes off and just walking around with her boobs or vagina hanging out. To the person who asked what is the difference in a man whipping out his penis and peeing in public? That is such a bad question. He isnt doing anything beneficial for his baby, but he is using his parts for their intended purpose. God gave women boobs to feed their young, why do you think dogs, cats, monkey's etc all do it. It is natural. To those people saying women should go to the bathroom and feed... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Do you eat your food in the bathroom? No, I wouldnt let my 5yr old eat in the bathroom so why on Earth should my baby? If you are bothered by a woman nursing her baby, without a cover, maybe you need to grow up or look away. There are many times I have to explain to my child why certain people act the way they do in public, it is a good learning experience for every child. I was blessed to have been able to nurse mine and I wish everyone who wanted to could. As long as your baby is getting fed and happy and healthy who are we to judge how a mom feeds her baby. This whole debate makes me crazy. I am so tired of it! Let mommies be mommies and make the choice that is best for them. No one should judge for another mom's choices.
jessicawuenscher jessicawuenscher 3 years
How narrow minded are some people. No wonder there is so much hatred in the world. Everyone has a reason whether they want to justify or not as to if they can or can't or won't breastfeed. It is not up to another person to attack the mother abusively with words in their decision. Yes it is a beautiful experience...but i have heard from both sides. As long as the child is being fed that is all that matters. And how would you feed a baby that they would be looking at your armpit? My babies were always gazing around or looking at me...and of course falling asleep most of the time too. Don't be harsh on people for choices they make. And sometimes all the planning ahead will go out the window. If a child is hungry and you are nowhere near a private place...what are u going to do??? I know my child comes first not the embarrassment or crudeness of other people. Leave mums alone and get on with what they do best!
KrystalParamo KrystalParamo 3 years
I just saw this post today, I haven't even looked at the video, I just scrolled down to the comments. And oh wow. First let me say there is never a good reason to call someone you don't know names. You don't know their life or their situation. I have 2 sister in laws who couldn't breastfeeding, no matter how much they wanted to. I have a friend who chose not to breastfeed. To each their own. I was fortunate enough to breastfeed both of my children and it was wonderful experience, it was very convenient for me, and my baby was not "looking into my armpit" while she was nursing. My child was close to my body, listening to my heartbeat and feeling my warmth. This is not bragging or being self righteous, but sharing my experience. I used a cover in public, but as my babies got older they just pulled it off, and the nipple doesn't need to cleansed because the buds around it creates a secretion that keeps it clean. Like I said before to each their own, you may not have been able to breastfeed, you may have chosen not to breastfeed. What's important is that we give our children the best possible care that we can. I consider myself fortunate to have been able to, so please before you pass judgement and call people names, educate yourself and try to be supportive. I am an advocate for breastfeeding, because it's beneficial for both mother and child. Women who breastfeed are less likely to develop "breast cancer". As women our bodies are wonderful creation, not only can it carry life and bring a child into the world, but it can also nourish the child. This is supposed to be a site where moms can support each other, so how about we do that.
Tamica15432342 Tamica15432342 3 years
I have done both bottle and breastfeeding. My oldest two were bottle because I did not understand the benefits of breastfeeding. Also I did not have the help to know what to do. When I had my last child I breastfed him and I pumped. I have read how some feel it is dirty because of sweat bacteria on the breast. Well I do understand what you mean but I feel maybe pumping is a good choice as well. My little one is never sick as my older two seem to always be sick I personally say its from breastfeeding. I did feel uncomfortable breastfeeding in public so I pump and use bottles when I was out. I am proud for the womenwho can do it in public. My sister always had a cover when she did it out. So I see nothing wrong with breastfeeding just think if more would educate and show all the good more would do.
Rhiannonf34 Rhiannonf34 3 years
I'm all for breast feeding, but it really isn't necessary to expose yourself to do it. When I took my son out, I planned ahead. I pumped and took bottles to places I knew that it might not be convenient to breast feed, like in a restaurant. At the mall, I always fed him in the women's restroom in places like Nordstrom where they have a nice sitting area. It actually was nice because other moms would feed as well and we could relax and talk with one another. And I always had a blanket large enough to cover myself while I was breast feeding, just in case. Do yeah, I think some women are trying to ruin everyone's day.
Patrick15432122 Patrick15432122 3 years
Is there a rationale for justifying the woman's right to publicly breast feed that would not equally apply to a Man's right to expose his penis while urinating in public (assuming he was urinating, say, into a cup)?
CarlitoPendleton1389245130 CarlitoPendleton1389245130 3 years
breast feeding was a natural thing for moms many years ago, if you are bothered by this then just look away, just about everyone knows what a breast looks like but the benefits to the baby is immeasurable because studies show that babies who breasts feed are smarter and closer to their mom and you can see that right there, canned formula can not touch breast feeding and it's a medical fact, not wonder today's kids are scoring lower than kids years ago, we say we believe in GOD but we follow man and his nonsense to our demise.
GinaPenque GinaPenque 3 years
This is a fantastic and comical video, as an IBCLC and LLL Leader I think it is great.
ndjsmummy ndjsmummy 3 years
...just to clarify - I meant: "please don't act like you are a better mom than me"... yes - I have heard this from a couple of mom's that breastfeed - that I am somehow not a "real" mom because my son needed to be fed formula. My son was born prematurely & I didn't have enough milk to sustain never developed. So please don't jump to conclusions when you see us bottlefeeding.
ndjsmummy ndjsmummy 3 years
I say feed your child anyway that you want to. However, just because you breastfeed - please don't act like you are not a better mom than me (which I do get from a lot of breastfeeding mommies). I did not "miss out" on bonding with my son...I found bottlefeeding much more of a bonding experience as my child was able to look me in the eyes & not my armpit as he fed. I do think breastfeeding should be done in private - no not because I am "embarassed" by the breasts - I have them too. But I look at it from more of a sanitary issue...I would not want to pop a sweat covered nipple into my baby's mouth (bottle or breast). I have never seen a breastfeeding mom clean her nipple/breast before all the sweat & bacteria from your breast is now in your baby's mouth. This skeeves me...sorry if you find me small's just this mom's opinion.
BrookeRosenquist BrookeRosenquist 3 years
There is nothing disgusting about it and if you think so then you are small minded and your child missed out on one of the best bonding moments you will ever have. I nurse in public, don't use a cover and don't care! I had my son in April and by July with the sweltering heat we couldn't use a cover because it was so hot and combined with my hot flashes caused by nursing we were both covered in sweat. No if I try to use a cover he plays with it the whole time and doesn't eat. Screw the cover and the looks. In a society where we don't take the time out of our day to combat women dressing like whores, boys with their underwear hanging out or people smoking, I'm ashamed of all who spend time making us feel bad. And yes, I said smoking! I don't want my children watching a dangerous, nasty, addictive habit! Let's spend our negative energy fighting real problems like drugs, gangs, homelessness, violence, child neglect, ect... And leave the nursing Mamas alone.
Shannonsternagle Shannonsternagle 3 years
susan thompson you are an idiot. no, we aren't dogs, but we are mammals. we have hair, warm blood, produce live offspring AND produce milk to feed our young. you may think it's disgusting because for many, many years you have been brainwashed to believe that the woman's body is to be objectified, so to you boobies are an object of something more than a vessel (hey, kinda like a bottle!) for food. what's disgusting is your attack on women. it's unfortunate that you don't feel the sisterhood with us to just be supportive, but instead to be caddy and judgemental. you are a bad seed and one of the prime examples of why women don't rule the world. have your simple minded opinion all day long, but most of us would rather not hear it.
WendiWatson17026 WendiWatson17026 3 years
im not for doing thr no cover thing but i loved the video.
WendiWatson17026 WendiWatson17026 3 years
I know breastfeding is natural. thats disgraceful to call it "disgusting Susan Tompson.
WendiWatson17026 WendiWatson17026 3 years
That was me in the bathroom for months after i first had my 1st daughter. Some of us grow up conservative. Then i had the guts to use a cover. People grow up differently so of course people think dofferently. I think women should have a cover. Its my opinion. But if my daughters saw a women feed her baby my oldest would know shes nursing. My then at the time nearly 3 yr old knew her sister was getting food. No women should ever feel like they should have to feed their baby in a bathroom stall though.
SusanThompson1366937688 SusanThompson1366937688 3 years
I know it's meant as a joke, but it's pretty true. Breast feeding is disgusting. What are we dogs? If you must do it , do it in private.
ChristinaWaters31188 ChristinaWaters31188 3 years
I think they are picking on the moms who don't cover up and "let it all hang out." I can see how this is obnoxious, because it's completely unnecessary. Notice in the video, none of them were using anything but the baby's mouth to cover with, just popping their tatas out in public. I've run into quite a few women like this. /SMH
Joan15404658 Joan15404658 3 years
I certainly can't be judgemental. its a natural process but most moms I have seen in public places have been very discreet when nursing a baby. why should they have to hide in a washroom as if its wrong????
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