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We Guarantee You've Never Seen Anyone React Like This When Finding Out They'll Be a Grandparent

We love pregnancy announcement videos in all forms, but we can't help but be a little biased toward the ones in which the expectant parents film their parents' reaction to the news that they'll soon have a grandchild.

Screaming inevitably ensues, as do tears — but in this three-minute video, in which a son surprises his parents with a card and box of baby products, there's so much more. They both are completely shocked, but the grandmother-to-be truly can't contain herself. From chanting "Oh . . . My . . . God . . ." repeatedly to breaking down with some pretty sweet dance moves to waving at the sonogram photo to freaking out when she realizes she's being recorded without makeup, she truly expresses every last emotion.

And attention, Desitin diaper rash cream makers: please pay close attention at the 1:29 mark — we think you have your new spokesperson.

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