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Girl Got A Haircut At Daycare Without Parents' Permission

This Daycare Can't Explain How 1 Toddler Got a Haircut Without Anyone Knowing

One dad didn't notice anything wrong with his daughter when he picked her up from daycare — until he sent a video to his wife.

In true mom fashion, when the 15-month-old girl's mother saw the clip of her toddler playing outside, she immediately picked up on something that her husband didn't: the child's hair had been cut. The infuriated mom accused her husband of trimming her little girl's locks without her permission, but the husband denied any involvement in her new hairstyle.

"I picked my 15-month-old daughter up today after very long day at work, and didn't notice anything (I'm a stereotypical male and don't notice hair stuff) until I sent a video to the other half," he explained on Reddit. "She went ballistic at me thinking I'd cut it, I went ballistic at her (after finding out what the hell she was going ballistic about), thinking she must have cut it and was messing with me."


The disgruntled dad realized that the only way her hair could've been snipped without either of them knowing would be if she had it done at the one place neither parent was with her: daycare. Yet, the facility, located in the United Kingdom, couldn't give any explanation and just apologized. He shared his frustrating story online, along with a "before" snapshot of the little girl taken the day before her mysterious haircut and an "after" photo from that afternoon.

"The nursery can find no explanation. They do not have access to scissors in her room (which is still a baby room rather than a toddler room). No staff has admitted to cutting her hair," the dad added to his original post. "The nursery administration 'can only apologize.' We're looking for other nurseries, and will submit a formal complaint . . . I really wish we'd had a decent explanation, but we don't, and I can't trust them any more."

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