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Grandfather Takes Ice Bucket Challenge With 10-Month Old

Dad Outraged as 10-Month Old Takes Ice Bucket Challenge With Her Grandfather

You can't scroll through your Facebook or Instagram feeds without seeing someone taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge these days. The viral charity fundraiser is a hit with parents and children alike, but one Houston, TX, child's video is raising some concern. The video shows Claude Dalcour's 10-month-old daughter being doused with ice cold water as her grandfather stood above her and took the challenge.

Dalcour and the child's mother are going through a divorce, and the maternal grandfather's video is only adding fuel to the fire. "My family was shocked, my friends were shocked, pretty much everyone I know was shocked and appalled," Dalcour says. "You don't do that to an infant!"

Family and friends aren't just taking notice — Dalcour contacted the local police, and a Facebook user reported the incident to child protective services.

Image Source: KHOU
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SarahTrimble-Kee1366211787 SarahTrimble-Kee1366211787 2 years

Certainly not the wisest decision, but I don't think this is something that will cause longterm harm to the child. I remember when my son had his first fever, my mother in law suggested giving him an ice bath. I didn't do it, of course, but that was a treatment people used for a long time. I think the father is just trying to use this to make the divorce more unpleasant.

JasmineAngel12205 JasmineAngel12205 2 years

This is absolutely terrible. This grown man should have known better than to douse an infant in ice cold water and worse, to let it fall all over her face. That poor baby was probably miserable and I don't blame the father for calling CPS at all. I wouldn't let him watch the baby again. We don't know what other kinds of stupid things he does when the father is not around.

AliciaAnderson72717 AliciaAnderson72717 2 years

That baby could have drowned with all that water on her. What, did grandpa get wet too? Barely! Do people think nowadays? And yes, I consider this child abuse. Water, especially ice water, on a baby's face -on purpose- is abuse. What an idiot.....

margaretDoman margaretDoman 2 years

This is not right but blown out of proportion cause of the divorce,revenge does not make things right.Talk is much better than animosity.This child still has to grow up.

SarahMoss87320 SarahMoss87320 2 years

I don't think we are getting the full story. There are probably a dozen baby ice bucket challenges on youtube. Some parents have 'accidently' dropped it on themselves, others have used warm water with ice cubes. So unless the cops plan on investigating all videos its a waste of time. Clearly, the father is using the video as a means in custody battle, why else would the first thing he does be sending it to a news station. I'd be ranting at wife and in laws about it then, if they didn't show adequate understanding of my views on the matter, maybe I would go to some one who would listen. Just seems suss that his first reaction is news, cops and child services.

leslie73863 leslie73863 2 years

how do you know this isnt a sign of a bigger problem? you are making interesting assumptions.

leslie73863 leslie73863 2 years

good for the father. more men need to take responsibility for their children. grandpa, well, he's jes dumb as 2 posts, inhe?

Chiquitabanana1399399059 Chiquitabanana1399399059 2 years

We don't know if the mother of the child condoned this. Yes the grandpa is a careless Neanderthal, but that doesn't necessarily mean the mom is at fault here. People need to put down their pitch forks.

Bridget1374636242 Bridget1374636242 2 years

this is not about the baby, but about the couple's divorce. Because they are going through a divorce those two are going to do whatever it takes, use whatever they can to get, win what they want to win over. The kids is one of them they are definitely going to try and win over, so using this video as a tactic to win the child over is just an act of the divorce. No CPS is needed.

AlleneHelmick AlleneHelmick 2 years

yes, CPS should get involved , allow the father to care for the child, grandfather needs parenting lessons

JudyGoldPetranek JudyGoldPetranek 2 years

It takes a special kind of idiocy to douse an infant in ice water. It appalls me how incredibly clueless people are towards the children they are supposedly caring for.

JanetSalmon JanetSalmon 2 years

that much water covering her mouth and the cold water would take her breath away.

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