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A Hilarious New PSA Advocates For Gun Safety in a Shocking Way

If there's one thing both gun advocacy groups and gun control advocates should agree upon it's that parents need to keep their weapons locked up and away from curious kids. For those who don't understand the big deal in doing so, Evolve Together, a group formed after the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre that believes in second amendment rights, but feels there needs to be a "focus on voluntary actions, taken on by individuals, to avoid gun preventable firearms deaths and gun violence," has created a hilarious, yet serious PSA to show why. Perhaps seeing little kids play with a few adult toys will help parents take notice of the issue!

Take a look and tell us, do you think adding humor to the conversation will make more people aware?

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SumedhaManabarana1377956824 SumedhaManabarana1377956824 2 years

Timely article by Rebecca M Gruber. You always bring us very useful articles. Thank you and have a great day. With Blessings!

MichaelTonks MichaelTonks 2 years

i would be happy if guns were unavailable to the general populace altogether regardless of what age people are in a family, they do more harm than good and that is proven by comparable statistics of gun deaths in America alone compared to those countries where firearms are not so readily available.

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