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Jamie15371594 Jamie15371594 3 years
I have a Glade Plug-in in my son's room so there's always a relaxing scent. After every bath I also always use lotion on his skin. At bedtime we sit in the rocking chair (or you can sit and rock as well if you do not have a chair) and watch his star projector that changes from red, green, blue, then all three colors at once while listening to a soft classical noise box from his mobile (the mobile disconnects from the noise box so you can still use it after infant stages).We both love it! It's a wonderful way to calm both Mommy and Tot after a long (or even not long) day! We do both usually fall asleep though :)
ArleneGoetze1378662956 ArleneGoetze1378662956 3 years
Research for 60 years proves that kids are hyperactive because of hte fluoride put in drinking water which then goes into all processed foods...especially beerages in bottled juices. Cryolite is ice rock...50% fluoride which affects our central nervous systems. All the sweet juices have much more fluoride than in drinking water...cryolity is a fertilizer used on grapes and Kelloggs uses it on cereals. One bowl of wheaties has 40 times what is in one glass of water. Stop fluoride in toothpaste, gels, drinking water and most every food you buy and you won't have kids hanging from the rafters!
TiffanyAmberStockton TiffanyAmberStockton 3 years
We no longer have our rocker/glider, as we gave it to another mother who had nothing and needed one. But the dimmed lights, foot rub, story time, lullaby music, and aromatherapy are great. We've done 3. Will have to try the foot rub and aromatherapy when the others aren't successful.
AnnPage212 AnnPage212 3 years
Great ideas! Everyone needs a bit of help to relax, sometimes...we ALL do! Also, try a nice couch, some gentle music, lights not too bright and you'll all be nice and release, hopefully!
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