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The Internet Is Loving This Photo of a Napping 3-Year-Old Covered in Diverse Dolls

Katie Stauffer, a mom of five with two adorable twin girls, is known on Instagram for posting the most amazing photos of her 3-year-olds, particularly when they're passed out during nap time (typically holding hands, surrounded by stuffed animals, and sporting giant, poofy princess dresses). Recently though, Emma decided she was done with nap time, leaving Mila to slumber alone and Katie to post throwback photos of a simpler time, when they both napped and she felt much more sane. However, being a typical 3-year-old, Emma made a deal with Katie: she would take a nap if she was allowed to sleep with literally all of her dolls — and the internet is loving the photo Katie took of this particular nap for good reason.

"From the other day when Emma asked to take a nap with ALL of her dolls," Katie captioned the sweet photo of Emma asleep, surrounded by dolls of varying ethnicities and with different skin tones from Educational Insights. And her followers are loving the diversity so much, the photo has racked up hundreds of positive comments.

"Love all the diversity," one commenter wrote, followed by a clapping hands emoji. Another said: "Thank you so much for teaching her [that] all skin is beautiful. This is how we bring love and acceptance into the world, start with our children."

According to a press release from Educational Insights, the Baby Doux dolls ($50) — which Emma has — and the brand's Baby Bijoux dolls ($61 - $65) "foster nurturing-care and imaginative play while exposing children to the realities of their world. The dolls come in a wide variety of just-like-me skin-tones and ethnicities, and Baby Bijoux features anatomically correct body designs."

For Katie, having multicultural dolls around the house isn't a new concept — growing up, her mom had a Cabbage Patch Kids collection full of dolls with varying skin tones, so she, too, grew up playing with dolls of all ethnicities. "I don't know if my parents did it for that reason, but I think it's important. The girls are so young. When I was younger, people didn't do that. If I can help in any certain way, I think that's important," Katie told Yahoo Lifestyle.

The mom added that the girls have no preferences when it comes to what their dolls look like: "To them they're are all the same. When we go to stores they pick whatever. They pick what they want."

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