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Kids' Exciting Reaction to Baby Announcement

You Have to See These Kids' Reactions to Learning Their Mom Is Pregnant

Every child reacts differently to the new of a baby brother or sister. Some cry tears of joy, while others scream in anger. For two tots in Colorado, the news led to squeals and huge hugs. Jacob and Hannah Ouellette decided to tell their children, Ethan and Faithlyn, about their future sibling by giving them a picture of the ultrasound. The kids were confused at first, but once Jacob explained the photo, they were overcome with excitement. Try not to smile when you watch their reactions!

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AnnemareLassman1402996762 AnnemareLassman1402996762 3 years

Hi there
I just need some advice please, we have two sons aged 10 and 8 and I would really love to have another baby but I'm not sure if it will be fair on the kids if I have another one or will I just be thinking of myself? My husband and I really love children and I think of having another baby almost every day :)
Can someone please help me to try make the right choice and if someone also has three kids and how they are coping with that?? :)
Thanks so much

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