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Are Doughnut Hangovers a Thing? 'Cause Krispy Kreme Is Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

Krispy Kreme is bringing back its green doughnut in honor of St. Patrick's Day. The O'riginal Glazed Doughnut — wink wink, get it? — is made with green dough, but fortunately tastes the same as Krispy Kreme's classic glazed staple. For the first time ever, Krispy Kreme will be selling the festive treat for multiple days on March 16 and 17.

"We know many people also celebrate the holiday Friday, so we're making the O'riginal Glazed Doughnuts available that day, too," said Chief Marketing Officer Jackie Woodward. Now that we think about it, Krispy Kreme should also sell the doughnut the day after St. Patrick's Day for all those, er, tired folks out there. We'll just say tired.

The O'riginal Glazed Doughnut will be available at participating shops throughout the United States and Canada. Krispy Kreme is encouraging shoppers to tag any pictures of the doughnut with #GreenDoughnuts. Cheers!

Image Source: Krispy Kreme
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