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Parents Are Totally Roasting 1 of the Year's Hottest Holiday Toys Via Amazon Reviews

If you ask any person under the age of 12 what the toy they absolutely cannot go without this holiday season is, you'll get one answer: an L.O.L. Surprise! Big Surprise. It's one of the year's hottest toys, and that means parents everywhere are shelling out their hard-earned cash (up to $140, to be exact!) to secure one of these highly sought-after toys, all in the hopes of catching that Christmas-morning grin on their little one's face. But, unfortunately, the It toy of the year is a true status symbol of 2017 — i.e., it f*cking stinks — according to the oodles of product reviews on Amazon.

Why, exactly, do children want this toy by the droves? It probably has something to do with the shock value of actually opening things. The new, limited-edition L.O.L. Big Surprise is a giant plastic ball that's filled with 50 small spheres (that take the form of a regular plastic ball or something that looks like a bath bomb), which contain Polly Pocket-size clothes, shoes, jewelry, stickers, or tattoos.

Not 100 percent sure what an L.O.L. Surprise! Big Surprise is, exactly? This "unboxing" video will show you all you need to know:


And while every little kid on the planet is begging for one, parents have expressed some serious disappointment in Amazon reviews, mostly due to their serious lack of variety:

"The allure of L.O.L. dolls has always been the surprise of which doll you're getting. Not with this big surprise. I purchased three for my daughters, two from Amazon and one from another store. All of them had the same exact dolls, so there's no 'surprise' at all. All I got were disappointed daughters who now have triple of each doll," wrote one user.

Another parent had a similar sentiment: "We bought these for our daughters not realizing that the contents are exactly the same in every one of these. Our daughters had already watched an unpacking of one of these on YouTube without us realizing they were all the same, so we had to return these once they arrived."

Others were peeved that despite being advertised as a "surprise ball," what you're really getting is a half-surprise-ball: "Just so you know — the L.O.L. Big Surprise is NOT a ball as the ad photo might have you believe. It's flat on one side. Since their previous toys are balls, I assumed this one would be too. But it's not. My bad for not reading the label carefully. It doesn't say it's a ball — just a Big Surprise. That part is true. Still a cute toy but very overpriced!"

So what do you think? Would you saddle up and buy this for your kiddos? Or is it not worth the money?

Image Source: Amazon
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