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Little Girl in El Nino Halloween Costume

This Little Girl's El Niño Costume Makes It Rain . . . Literally

El Niño is more than just an irregularly occurring series of complex climatic changes characterized by warmer waters in the Pacific region. It's also one heck of a Halloween costume.

Royce Hutain and his 3-year-old daughter Zoey crafted a costume based on the weather system, and it's about as real as it gets: the head-mounted "cloud" includes 98 LED lights to create lightning-like effects and a hidden switch that sucks up water from a bottle in the little girl's backpack through a washer fluid pump to make it rain.

"We had a lot of fun together making the cloud for her head," Royce wrote on YouTube of the impressive undertaking, adding that his daughter, nicknamed Glowy Zoey, "loves making the rain turn on!"

Still, it's clear from the video — especially in those moments where her powers to control the rain didn't help keep it out of her eyes — that Zoey's dad might have been enjoying the get-up a bit more than she was: "It turned out to be a little too big for her little neck to support very well. Her head wobbled a bit . . . Obviously I made it a little too big."

So how will Zoey fare on Halloween night? Thankfully, it won't be a rainout.

"Don't worry guys, she isn't wearing this out for Halloween," Royce wrote. "She demands to be Elsa!"

In case you thought she'd be dressed just like all the other Frozen Disney princesses, watch the video, below, to see how Royce modified her Queen Elsa costume to light up as well.

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