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Man Gets Hilarious Footage of His Goddaughter Stealing the Pope's Hat

Although the pope holds a very important and serious position, he's known to let his emotions show, especially if he thinks something is comedy gold. During his US tour in 2015, we saw him crack up at a baby dressed just like him, but now, footage of a little girl stealing his hat and his reaction to it may be our new favorite Pope Francis moment.

Mountain Butorac took his goddaughter to see the pope, and luckily he was so excited about that meeting that he videoed the whole thing. The short video, which was posted to Twitter, is already spreading like wildfire. In it, you can see Butorac's goddaughter being lifted to hug the pope, and just as he plants a kiss on her cheek, she reaches her hand around his head to snatch his white cap. The girl accepts being caught in the act and reluctantly gives the hat back, and Butorac can be heard cracking up behind the camera as the pope laughs and returns the cap to his head.

Ahh, kids.

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