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Magnus Wennman Photos of Syrian Refugee Children

No Matter Your Politics, These Photos of Syrian Refugee Children Will Move You to the Core

Politics aside, Magnus Wennman is making a huge statement without even saying a word.

Wennman, a Swedish news photographer, is attempting to humanize the nearly 4 million refugees who have fled the war in Syria by photographing powerful images of the children and telling their individual stories. In his photo series "Where the Children Sleep," Wennman captures haunting shots of children during their journeys along the Serbian-Hungarian border, in a refugee camp, and in a hospital. He captions each devastating shot with their specific plight. These heart-wrenching photos give faces to what is often expressed in the news as an elusive number.

Nearly half of the Syrian refugees are kids who have been suffering through war since 2011 as they flee across the Middle East and Europe. According to Wennman, these are their stories.

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