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This Guy Met His 81-Year-Old Words With Friends Rival IRL, and the Photos Are Too Cute

You and your BFF can just stop trying now, because we have officially found the cutest darn friendship on the face of the planet. Twenty-two-year-old Spencer Sleyon has formed an unlikely yet heartwarming bond with his 81-year-old Words With Friends opponent, Rosalind — and after playing more than 300 games together on the popular Scrabble-like gaming app, they finally met in real life.

Spencer, who is originally from Maryland but now resides in East Harlem, and Rosalind, who lives in Florida, were first randomly matched as opponents on the app in June of 2016, and they played back and forth against each other until December of that year, Mashable reports. They utilized the app's chat feature from time to time to make contact, but didn't get too personal. Soon after, Spencer got busy and decided to uninstall the app — but their budding bond didn't end there.

Months later, Spencer mentioned his interactions with Rosalind to his friend's mother, Amy Butler, who is a New York City church pastor. Amy was so touched by Spencer's months-long gaming streak with Rosalind that she wanted to write a sermon about their story for her church. Sure enough, when Spencer reinstalled the app, Rosalind was still there, so Amy reached out for more details to note in her sermon. The icing on the cake? Amy arranged for Spencer and Rosalind to finally meet up IRL in Florida with a trip that was funded by her church. Does it get any sweeter than this?!

"I'd never spoken to her or heard her voice. She was spunky, witty, full of life."

On Dec. 1, Spencer and Rosalind met in the flesh in the lobby of a Florida hotel, and the word-loving duo spent the entire day together exploring West Palm Beach. "I'd never spoken to her or heard her voice," Spencer told Mashable. "She was spunky, witty, full of life."

When Spencer shared the precious snapshots of their day together on Twitter, his tweet went viral — like, wildly viral — garnering more than one million likes and nearly 250,000 retweets to date. On top of that, more than 5,000 Twitter users couldn't help but reply and comment on how freakin' adorable and wholesome their bond is. File this one under much-needed proof that the internet isn't always the troll-filled dumpster fire it sometimes appears to be.

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