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Could This Be the End of McDonald's Gender-Specific Happy Meals?

In 2008, Antonia Ayres-Brown noticed something during a routine trip to the McDonald's drive-through. After ordering the restaurant's famous Happy Meal, an employee asked if they should provide a "girl toy or boy toy." This did not sit well with the then-11-year-old, who went home to write to the CEO of the fast food chain. Unfortunately, the higher-ups did not share her opinion, writing that her experience was unusual. Many middle schoolers would shrug off the response and move on, but Antonia would not stop until she saw a change.

This past Summer, Antonia conducted a study of sorts in which young boys and girls went into various McDonald's and ordered a Happy Meal. Then Antonia, now 16 years old, noted which toys were included in their meal. She found that 92.9 percent of the time the children were given the trinket that was designated for their gender. Antonia took her findings to Donald Thompson, McDonald's current CEO. This time, she received some positive feedback.

To see how McDonald's CEO responded to Antonia, read the full story on Huffington Post.

Source: McDonald's

andreamohess andreamohess 3 years

I think this girl wasted her time. No way do I want my boys automatically getting a girl`s trinket in their happy meal. If they ask for it then so be it. I won`t censor my children but they should have the option.

JulieLiller JulieLiller 3 years

Well I'm glad to read everyone else had pretty much the same response I did - whoop tee freakin' doo! My girls like their "girl" toys and every once in a while my youngest asks for a "boy" toy she's interested in. I look at it as McDonalds just trying to please the kids and there's nothing wrong with that.

chrisMarkovitch chrisMarkovitch 3 years

Love it Channy. Well said!

chrisMarkovitch chrisMarkovitch 3 years

Seriously? There arent more important things to worry about in this world. If this girl put all this energy into feeding the homeless instead of attacking McDonalds there would be a lot less hungry people. Common sense would lead to one asking what the two toy options are. At that point the parent can ask the child which toy he or she wants. Done. This is a non issue!

CrystalGarza8311 CrystalGarza8311 3 years

Oh my gosh, get a life!!! 99% of boys like boy toys & 99% of girls like girl toys & would rather have a gender specific toy versus a unisex toy! How is McDonalds asking someone if they want a boy toy or a girl toy offensive??!! It's a part of life!! It's going to be a waste of McDonalds time & money to come up with unisex toys that more than half the kids are just going to throw away cause they are not interested in it.

I wish people would quit trying to find senseless things to change!!

DarlaLove DarlaLove 3 years

Leave things just like they are and especially our country in which was founded on God...if you take all the good out of everything then what do we have left but the bad...WE deserve more than that.....

DebiBussell DebiBussell 3 years

GOOD GRIEF, SERIOUSLY? What is wrong with having either/or? Does EVERYTHING have to be a freaking issue? I see nothing wrong with having a choice, no one says you have to pick the one 'made for your gender'. Soon they'll ban the colors pink and blue!! GROW UP PEOPLE and focus on worthwhile things like hunger, child abuse and homelessness.

JacquieJones26988 JacquieJones26988 3 years

My goodness! Talk about 1st world problems….Heaven help this girl when she grows up and faces the real world. ..

tinagurley tinagurley 3 years

Seriously? Do people have nothing better to worry bout than people asking if you want a "boy or "girl"toy? If you have a girl that wants captain america instead of hello kitty, freaking ask for a "boy" toy, no biggie.

ElaineEchevarria ElaineEchevarria 3 years

I think most people get your point, my real point is that's it's stupid to make a fuss out of this in the first place. Who cares if mcdonalds asks girl or boy? Why should they have to spell it out to each customer when the customer should have enough brains to say car or pony? They are giving this girl tons of attention and media for something stupid that does nothing to help an actual cause and just further pushes an agenda of hypersensitivity and PC that's gone overboard.

BethLeal BethLeal 3 years

Haha! The drive thru is always fit for disappointment!

BethLeal BethLeal 3 years

Really? What a waste of time! When my daughter wants the same toy as her brothers, I just say,'give me another boy toy.' It's really not a big deal.

kjforce kjforce 3 years

Really ? What is the big deal with society and the gender appropriate ? The more attention to this issue, the more confusion and questioning it presents. Most children aren't going to get the correct answers and will continue to learn by watching/ listening and imitating maybe the adults need to wake up and set better examples...

LindaCasablancaPotter LindaCasablancaPotter 3 years

Actually, I read another article concerning this 16 year old's ridiculous article against McD's. I just have to ask one question....why is it offensive to have gender differences??? Mc D's was not doing anything differenly than ALL of us do when we go shopping for a birthday ...or Christmas gift! When we purchase a gift for a child we ask two important questions...1. the gender of the child and 2. the age of the child. And it's due to the fact that the majority of girls like "girls toys" and likewise boys like "boys toys"...we have our exceptions here and there but for the most part, this distinction exists. Our society is becoming toooo easily offended...and the insecure seek to distort the truth, capitalizing on the fact that we are easily offended these days...just to make a name for him/herself. I wonder if Wal Mart should no longer have sections designated solely for women's underware and Men's speedos????

RosaDoty1371760075 RosaDoty1371760075 3 years

I think this whole topic is rediculous. If this person, now a teen, was so upset about a Happy Meal toy I am thinking they needed more recreational activities.This is one kid. I am sure there are others. However, I believe the vast things the way they are. McDonalds, is your biggest problem a toy? How about making your food healthy?

AlishaDancyBrown AlishaDancyBrown 3 years

This is the most ridiculous thing in the world. As a mother of a 4 year old girl and a 6 year old boy, I can tell you that they don't always like the same toys. Also, they do not always choose the toy that corresponds with their gender. The joy in a both a boy and a girl toy is that children get more options to choose between. Seriously, are there not bigger issues to discuss and protest? Please find something worthwhile to find offensive.

TineBrok TineBrok 3 years

The problem with taking kids to Macca's is not the colour of the crap plastic rubbish they give kids with their atrocious crap plastic 'food', the problem is taking kids to Macca's. Really?! People really truly take their kids 'routinely' to a place with such poisonous 'food', terrible harmful ethics and appalling track record on everything from forest destruction to the forcing of small communities to have this rubbish positioned right opposite kindergartens? People still support this, and complain about the details?!

HeatherKline1130 HeatherKline1130 3 years

We don't buy meals there often but when we do my daughter gets extremely upset when we ask for a girl toy and she gets a boy. I dont know what toys they have in mind for gender gender "neutral" but if they dont provide My Little Pony OR Strawberry Shortcake etc....she wont be a very happy camper!! :-D

SusanJimmiesAuntSusieWhite SusanJimmiesAuntSusieWhite 3 years

it's not going to "end". They're just going to say what the toys are now. For example "My Little Pony or Skylanders" instead of "boy or girl". I like the change because I want to know what the toys are, not what gender someone thinks that toy should go to. i don't go to McDonald's enough to know what toy themes they have that week. Plus our McDonalds here are likely to have run out of the toys for that week. I don't want a replacement toy without knowing what theme it has.

mbaker13 mbaker13 3 years

We don't eat there anyways so no loss...

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