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Why Parents Are Obsessed With This "Milksicle" Teething Hack

When you stumble upon a handy hack, the best thing to do is share it with friends who will appreciate it as much as you do. But when you become a mom, these gems can feel more like true lifesavers among mom friends. Luckily for everyone, one mom posted about her recent breastfeeding trick, and people are obsessed with it because it's just that good: teething "milksicles."

This idea first took off after Tasia Blackwell shared a video of her baby "devouring his milksicle" that she made from frozen breast milk. She explained that this DIY (and free!) treat not only soothes his teething pain but also fills him up in a nutritious way. So basically this trick helps with teething, keeps little ones cool, doesn't cost anything, and is healthy — it's no wonder the idea is going viral just in time for Summer!

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