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Mom Kicked Out of Restaurant For Changing Baby's Diaper

Did This Mom Deserve to Get Kicked Out of a Restaurant?

These days, it seems like taking care of your child's needs is enough to get you kicked out of anywhere. Case in point, Miranda Sowers. While enjoying a meal at Brothers Pizza Express with her three children, the Texas mom noticed that her 4-month-old daughter needed to be changed. So like any mom, she headed to the bathroom with her diaper bag in hand. When she saw there wasn't a changing station, she returned to her table and took care of business.

"I laid her down quickly and quietly changed her diaper," Sowers tells a local news station. As she was taking care of her child, a staff member came up and allegedly told them to leave. Sowers has filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

To see what restaurant reps have to say about the incident, read the full story on The Huffington Post.

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skendall24 skendall24 2 years

My seats have high sides and tilt toward the back of the seat so when I put my infant on it they roll. Even wedged against the side the tilted sides make it impossible for me to safely change their diaper.

KellyPollack KellyPollack 2 years

As I read through some of the responses, some seem to be under the impression that the establishment "should have had a changing station". Why? Someone invented the changing station as a convenience and some establishments bought into it and some didn't. When did it become an expectation of all establishments, kid friendly or not, to have one? Would it be nice? Sure for those that need them. But is it a reason to be so rude as to engage in an unsanitary action in the presence of others that owe you nothing just because you are bent out of shape that the establishment didn't foresee your expectation of them? NO, it is not. And the "other diners" should not have to "deal with it"; the parents of the baby should; it is, after all their baby and their responsibility.

As for the establishment that allowed it's patron to change the baby on the table in an unused dining room, please let me know the name of that establishment so that I never eat there, lest I be the one that has the honor of dining at the table where dirty diapers were changed assuming that the dining room is not always "unused" ewe.

Everyone has choices. The establishments get to make their own rules. If you do not care for what the establishment has to offer, than move on to one that does. It really is that simple.

And despite what some my think, laying a baby on a mat on the floor in the bathroom never killed or caused irreparable damage to any child that I know of yet. Stop being so dramatic. Be proactive instead. Call ahead and ask if the establishment will be able to meet your individual needs. If not, move on to the next one, get a babysitter or make do. If none of those options suite you, stay home. Then everyone can be happy.

KellyPollack KellyPollack 2 years

If it is so important to you to dine at establishments that have changing stations, then yes, be proactive, pick up the phone and call and ask them before making the trip. How hard can that be? If it is your baby and you are the one that demands a changing station then you get to be the one to do the research. If you are like most of us, you frequent the same places so once you have established if they have a changing station or not, you will know for the future. Honestly I do not know what this world has come to. So many people now expect every one/place/thing to meet every need they have and somehow if they don't, it's the establishment's fault. Instead of expecting to have someone else met your needs, met your own in a way that is considerate to the other dinners because it is not their fault that the establishment has not met your needs. Establishments do not OWE you a changing station and they have the right to decide if they want to remove patrons that behave outside of their expectations. Don't like their rules? don't patronize them or open your own establishment and call the shots. Or go buck the rules and then steam about it when they take action against you for it. For those that demand that all their needs be met, grow up. This is the real world, not the one that your mommy/daddy made you believe was all about you. So do your kids a favor and start teaching them that lesson now. Teach them to be proactive, to take care of their own needs, to think creatively when faced with a bump in the road and that "no" is an acceptable answer and that they can't always get what they want in this world, but that's okay and they will survive. Teach them that happiness is not found in getting everything they want. If you teach them that it is always about them, they will grow up to be demanding and self centered and you will only have contributed to the lack of respect for each other that is so rampant in our world today.
And just so you are aware, when my two oldest children were in diapers there were no such things as changing stations. Lord forbid, we still went out and still managed to take care of the dirty diaper and we did not do it at the table in the dining area in front of all the other dinners. Neither did any of the parents in the generations before mine and we all managed to get the job done.
Now get out there and find other things to worry yourself about; changing tables shouldn't be one of them. Changing babies on a mat in the bathroom on the floor hasn't killed any of my children or their children or anyone's children that I can think of yet. We have bigger fish to fry in this world today.

skendall24 skendall24 2 years

HELLO the article is about changing a poopy diaper. If you didn't want to be disgusted you shouldn't have read the article. Some people don't have control of their functions. Honestly I'm still gaining mine back from having two children. Haven't you ever been behind an elderly person that had pooped their pants but has yet to be able to go and change themselves? Things happen, people need to be more considerate. Don't change a kid on the table but your lap or the floor by the table is acceptable when other options are not available.

skendall24 skendall24 2 years

So, am I supposed to call every establishment or go in and check every "kid friendly" place that SHOULD have a changing station available before I decide to dine there? Highly impractical. I'm sorry you want me to stay a home and not dine out at establishments that are kid friendly yet don't have a diaper changing station? That is not my fault that the establishment did not have the forethought or consideration to be kid friendly and yet not provide things that kids need. Most travel stations have changing stations and even a toddler seat at a few, because the know families travel. Why can't we expect the same things from establishments? Until then I will always change my child at a station if available, if not I will do what I need to do.

KellyPollack KellyPollack 2 years

changed three babies and never in a dinning room where other people were eating. So it's not okay to lay a mat down on a bathroom floor within proximity of people relieving themselves, but it is okay to change a diaper and expose the same type of germs on a chair next to a table that someone will be sitting on and eating from? SMH.

KellyPollack KellyPollack 2 years

I have raised three girls and I was a single mom (husband passed away) for part of those years. I never once ever chose a dinning room, public or private, as a location to change a dirty diaper. If the car, bathroom floor (with a pad) or any other place outside of the dinning area is not acceptable to you for diaper changing purposes, then stay home.

CharmaineHetem CharmaineHetem 2 years

Oh my goodness. You don't change your child in a restaurant. I have had situations where there were no changing facilities in the ladies' bathroom. I just put my changing mat on the bathroom floor and changed my kids on the floor. I just washed the changing mat well once I got home.

nurtureyou1216 nurtureyou1216 2 years

Totally unacceptable. The restaurant made the right decision.

CrystalHemenway CrystalHemenway 2 years

They should have had a changing station but i have been known to lay a blanket down on the bathroom floor. You can't change your child on the table where everyone eats. If nothing else take the baby out to the car to do it. I have done that too.

CoMMember13611589264819 CoMMember13611589264819 2 years

She did it on a chair.

skendall24 skendall24 2 years

I am alone most of the time with my two kids. When there is no changing station there is no way in hell I'm changing them on the bathroom floor with splashed out of the toilet fecal matter. That means my clothes get it as well. So what I'm supposed to squat over my child on the floor in the bathroom as I change them? Trying to juggle the diaper bag and making sure they don't roll. And if I have the other child with me oh yeah just tell that two year old not to touch anything. BS people. Change them in the car you say? Well for those of you that can afford larger cars way to go yeah I'm sure you can do it. My seats on the other hand slope so it is impossible to change a diaper in the front seats. Back seat you say? So should I take out the car seats and reinstall one I'm done? Change them in the trunk? So in the weather (heat/cold) I have to unload my trunk with the stroller and who knows or if I'm traveling (over 16hr drive), unload what I've packed to change a diaper!!! Oh hell no. On top of the car? Yeah, no.

As a mom you take care of business, yes. Most places unfortunately do not have changing stations, even locally. Most of the time I can get by changing them in my lap at the table if I can scoot out the seat from the table a bit or on the bench besides me. I carry bags to put all foul smelling items away from sight and nose and back into my diaper bag. I do it discreetly and try to not make a big deal about it. A smelly diaper causing complaints?! I've changed them and smelled them on other kids. But really people the smell is like a person farting, once it is put away it dissipates. The only other thing is seeing it happen which you have the gumption to watch our turn your head.

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