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1 Breastfeeding Mom Has an Important Message For Anyone Who's Tired of Hearing Criticism

Chantelle Celeste was determined to breastfeed her newborn twin daughters, Tatum and Blakely, until they were at least 6 weeks old, no matter how many people told her feeding two babies at the same time was going to be challenging. The mom of three took to Instagram to share a message all moms should hear: don't feed into the negativity.

When I was pregnant and told people I was going to breastfeed the twins more often than not I was met with negativity, I even had a few heated words with family members who told me that I couldn't do it, well I can, and I am doing it. My body made two babies at the same time and now it's feeding two babies at the same time. How amazing is the female body!

The mom says that now that she has met her goal to breastfeed her twins for six weeks, the comments haven't stopped. Instead, they are now concentrated on how long will she keep up with her routine — her plan is now a full year. "New mums are judged for not breastfeeding and giving formula, I've felt judged for choosing to breastfeed, I've already been asked 'Oh your not going to do it as long as you fed [your oldest daughter], are you?'"

The bottom line for Celeste is that as long as mothers are feeding their new bundles of joy, they should be celebrated — if they use formula or breastfeed. "New mums should not be judged for what we feel is best for us and our little families. Big up to all the mums doing what they want and not letting anyone influence your decisions! Let's all support and inspire each other." We couldn't agree more, Chantelle.

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