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Mom's Rant on Why No One Talks About Men's Bodies

Mom's Rant on "How Men's Bodies Are Never the Topic of Conversation" Is Spot F*cking On

In a video on her YouTube channel, Tova Leigh, a blogger and mom of three girls, took head on the double standard that is women's bodies being constantly critiqued, whereas men's bodies rarely are — and we have to admit, she's seriously got a point.

The mom hilariously challenges societal norms by making a few candid observations. She starts by posing the question that's seemingly plagued women since the dawn of time: "How come men's bodies are never the topic of any type of conversation?" From there, Tova launches into how bizarre it is that women's bodies are always the subject of criticism, especially since women are the ones who go through pregnancy and childbirth.

So if you need a good laugh, buckle up and get ready to nod along because Tova completely nails how unfair this situation actually is.

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