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My Little Pony Bag Banned From School

School Bans Boy From Wearing His My Little Pony Bag

When most kids choose their back-to-school backpack, they often look for one that features their favorite color, pattern, or cartoon characters. For Grayson Bruce, that character came from the hit TV show My Little Pony. Unfortunately, not everyone was as excited about the bag as the 9-year-old boy. Last Thursday, officials at Buncombe County Schools in North Carolina told the boy that he was not allowed to wear the bag to school because it was a trigger for bullying. Though Grayson had been both verbally and physically attacked for his backpack choice, he still wanted to wear it to school and told officials this. They, however, believe the bag is a distraction and has "created a disruption in the classroom."

To see how others have shown support for Grayson, read the full story on The Huffington Post.

Front Page Image Source: ABC News

chrisgallagher chrisgallagher 3 years

Ben I see your point. Isnt the school being a bully for not allowing Gray to have his back pack..... FFS! so other kids wont be tempted to bully him, you have gotta be kidding me. This boy sounds so 'together' and if he chooses to wear it, fine! Dont continue the bullying by becoming part of it Buncombe County Schools in North Carolina.

Grayson, hold your head high and continue to use the backpack if you wish.......

RachelleDewey RachelleDewey 3 years

APPLAUSE!!! This is exactly how our society is today, it's so f***ed up.

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