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Nutella Adds Sugar and Decreases Cocoa in New Recipe

Nutella Apparently Changed Its Recipe, and People Are Losing Their Sh*t

If your ability to slather an impressive amount of Nutella on any and every food group is unrivaled, then you may have noticed a slight change in the taste of your favorite spread — over which people are livid about it. The drama started when Ferreo, the Italian company that makes the beloved hazelnut spread, secretly changed the recipe to have a higher sugar content in favor of less cocoa. Let's just say the switch wasn't kept under wraps for long.

On Nov. 2, the Hamburg Consumer Protection Centre (a German consumer agency) noticed that the classic dark brown spread had taken on a much lighter hue, so they blew the whistle on the entire low-key operation in a now viral Facebook post:

Soon after the swap was made public, betrayed Nutella addicts everywhere started using the hashtag #NutellaGate on social media to express their disdain. Here are some of the most colorful reactions:

Fair enough.

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