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Pampers Pooface Commercial

Every Parent Will Die Watching These Babies' Poofaces in Slow Motion

Every single parent has had that one moment, while looking at their baby's adorable face — those rosy cheeks, those pink pursed lips, those big wide eyes — when they stop and say to themselves, "Holy sh*t, my baby's pooping!"

Babies make hilarious faces on a pretty regular basis, but none of them quite compares to that squirmy, grunty "pooface."

Pampers didn't just capture such faces for its new "Don't Fear the Mess!" ad campaign, but the brand captured them in glorious slow motion.

Set to the classic Strauss score, the commercial chronicles the hard work of 10 young babies. Watching these tots struggle and then reach the sweet release of a successful dirty diaper will, oddly enough, be the delight of your day. It might make you want to document your own baby's pooface. And we don't blame you.

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