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Forget Body Armor — This Doctor Says She Knows What Will Protect Kids in a School Shooting

The US has experienced 74 school shootings over the past year-and-a-half, putting parents in a position where they will try anything to protect their children. From school lockdown drills to bulletproof blankets, the precautions schools are taking run the gamut. And while they may be great for protecting students during a shooting, neither option actually stops the incidents from occurring. In an interview with, clinical psychologist and author Shefali Tsabary says parents need to talk to their kids and help them build a safe school environment, rather than covering them in armor. Tsabary's first suggestion is for parents to teach their children tolerance and kindness.

"If a kid feels connected to other kids, and especially to the teachers and administration, they don't go about shooting or bombing them," Tsabary says. "We need to build compassionate, connected communities at home and in school, where there is less exclusion, less competition, less scapegoating, and where we tolerate diversity."

For more of Tsabary's armor-free methods of keeping kids safe at school, read the full story on Today Parents.

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Marissa8093416 Marissa8093416 3 years

This is what we have needed to do now for years. When people breed hatred for other races, religions, etc it carries on through the generations. Therefore if a parent is only concerned about looking the best or being the best then the child copies that behavior and carries it with them. The person who is deemed a bully in school because she picks on people who are either not skinny, wear glasses or whatever was taught this behavior somewhere. Our children need to be educated in more than book knowledge but in the knowledge of how to love everyone and treat everyone equally. This is my opinion only of what i think needs to happen. I believe this psychologist is correct in her analysis of the problem at hand.

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