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Stephen Colbert Takes On Common Core Math

Stephen Colbert Takes On Common Core Math, and We've Never Laughed Harder!

There's been no shortage of criticism of the Common Core academic standards since they were rolled out three years ago. But the anti-Common Core movement's recent momentum may have just received a significant boost thanks to Stephen Colbert. Hot off the heels of a number line math problem that went viral after an engineer couldn't complete his second-grade son's homework, the Colbert Report host shed some satirical light on the national math program, and we don't think we've ever laughed harder (just ask our colleagues; they could hear us across the room). Let's just hope Colbert keeps it up when he has an even larger audience after he takes over for David Letterman next year.

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William3020202 William3020202 2 years

The trouble, of course, is that Common Core isn’t Obama’s program, nor is it Federal.

The State Governors got together and agreed on a set of standards, but developed the curricula independently.

I still wonder why people don’t know this.

Obama should have come out against Common Core and insisted it was too hard; the Right Wing would be springing to it’s defense.

William3020202 William3020202 2 years

Mathematics was revised somewhat in the mid 20th Century, and christened “the new Math”.

And people hated it.

Sound familiar?

DebbieMcCormick1368068469 DebbieMcCormick1368068469 3 years

YES, thank you!

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