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LauraGomezDeCid LauraGomezDeCid 3 years

I'm pretty sure that by "nonexistent beings" he meant God (or the deity of your choice), not the baby.

Zama36856 Zama36856 3 years

I am deepely touched by this I have personally went through this with my twin girls I have beautiful photos that I would never get rid of that was in 2012 and they were my first kids.

Zama36856 Zama36856 3 years

I am

ellenwaldren ellenwaldren 3 years

I have a friend who went through this, 11 yrs ago what a hard time her and her husband went through. You are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are gray you never now dear how much I love you please don't take my sunshine away. The other night dear while I was sleeping I dreamed I held u in my arms when I awoke dear I was mistaken so I bowed my head and cried...........

ChristinaBecker2079 ChristinaBecker2079 3 years

She existed for almost 9 months and a tragic accident happened that was out of her mothers control. Perhaps you're the nonexistent person in all this! Just because she wasn't born yet doesn't mean she didn't exist because for her mom, her dad, brothers and/or sisters if not the first born, and the grandparents she EXISTED for them! Perhaps you go to say or type something you should think first so you don't come across as the ass you just did!

KarinVanDalen KarinVanDalen 3 years

That's all you can come up with? I'll pray for you.

KarinVanDalen KarinVanDalen 3 years

What a bittersweet tribute. My heart goes out to these parents during a horrible event. So so very sorry for your loss.

NancyKollman1404145595 NancyKollman1404145595 3 years

Wow... I am sitting here in tears. I can't imagine giving birth to a dead baby. This is just so sad and overwhelming. I don't even know what to say. The photos are beautiful, though, and such an amazing keepsake. Even though this wonderful couple has lost their precious baby, thank goodness they have such amazing photos to look back on. I'm speechless...

DebiTracy DebiTracy 3 years

My heart goes out to this couple and every other couple that experiences
this. 50 years ago my MIL gave birth to her only girl but because of
placenta abruption, the baby died the next day. I don't think they have
any photos of her and I feel the lack of healing affected her pregnancy
with my husband, her next baby. The late Fred Wirth, MD, wrote about the
affects in his book Prenatal Prescription. Although some people may
find such documentation with photos uneasy, it only matters to the
family how it makes them feel. Several years ago a friend's baby was
stillborn and they photoshop the baby into their holiday card making it
appear as if one of their older kids were holding their sibling. Again,
maybe not what I would do but I'm not in their shoes.

The only
remark that I will make about the article is that they state "because
the cord was wrapped around the baby's neck". Babies DO NOT BREATHE
Educator for over a decade, I get so aggravated when misinformation is
given out or one is lead to believe that death occurred because of the
cord being wrapped around the baby's neck. UNLESS it is knotted,
unusually stretched, detached [from baby or placenta] or has a hole in
it having the cord around the neck DOES NOT MEAN THE BABY CAN'T BREATHE.
Every time I hear , "We had to have a c-section because the cord was
around the neck" my blood pressure soars! If it was a short cord or in
such a way that it would not give slack to allow the baby to move down
the birth canal, that's a true reason for a c-section. Otherwise and
unfortunately, the hospital may not have the mama & her baby in
their best interest but their financial bottom line instead along with
the avoidance of a lawsuit.

Sending healing hugs on the wings of
angels to this family and every other family that has ever lost a baby
during birth or while pregnant, inclusive of myself...twice.

ToniW241 ToniW241 3 years

Wow, I don't have words to explain the emotion of seeing these pictures. Beautiful baby and beautiful couple. I hope they find peace with having these photos.

brandymiller53518 brandymiller53518 3 years

Beautiful, We lost our baby Tom. He was stillborn. It is one of the hardest things a mother or father will ever go through. I have photos of me holding him, and they are precious to me. Thank you for sharing this... A lot of people do not understand why families would take photos of their dead babies... they cant grasp that this is the only photos and memories you will ever have. There is no tomorrow. This tiny amount of time that you have with your child before you have to lay them to rest is it.. and there is nothing harder than burying your child. My mother once said to me.."Parents are not meant to outlive their children" that never truly hits home until you live that phrase. As always, my heartfelt sympathies for anyone that has to go through the loss of a child.

TracyHolum TracyHolum 3 years

Brought tears to my eyes, such beautiful pictures of a beautiful angel! Can't imagine the heart break these parents feel, but they have these beautiful pictures to cherish.

Kelly617 Kelly617 3 years

So beautiful....I can't imagine having to go thru that. A mother's worst fear

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