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This Cart Designed For Children With Special Needs Is Rolling Out to Target Stores Nationwide

Last November, a photo of a shopping cart at Target made its way around the Internet, as it was no ordinary cart — it was a Caroline's Cart, specifically designed to support families shopping with a child with special needs. Now Target has announced that the carts, which have appeared in select stores since last February, will be rolling out to a majority of locations nationwide.

This incredible cart — which features a large seat in front with a four-strap safety buckle — was developed when Drew Ann and David Long realized that their daughter Caroline, who has Rett syndrome, was going to outgrow a normal shopping cart. Drew Ann, an inventor and stay-at-home mom, went to work creating a cart that would help not only them but also other families who struggle at the store when accompanied by their child with special needs. "Providing a quality product for special needs children that further enables their participation in mainstream society with their family through the common activity of grocery shopping" is Drew Ann's mission, and her goal to have them available in retail stores everywhere seems to be slowly becoming a reality with this Target news.

"Caroline's Cart can be a game-changer for families, and we're excited to offer this for our guests across the country. Target is always looking for new ways to make guests feel welcome in our stores and give them a more comfortable shopping experience," says Juan Galarraga, senior vice president, store operations.

Beginning March 19, all of Target's stores featuring full-size carts will have at least one Caroline's Cart, and then depending on consumer needs, more will be brought in.

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