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Teen Suspended For Saying "Bless You"

Teen Suspended For Saying "Bless You" in Class

Call the police! A teen in Tennessee has committed a crime of chivalry. Kendra Turner, a student at Dyer County High School, was suspended this week after saying, "bless you," to a student who sneezed. This phrase — along with "my bad," "hang out," and more — is just one of the many that Turner's computer teacher does not allow in the classroom. According to Turner, the teacher says she "is not going to have godly speaking in her class." Turner adds that she believes the rule violates her First Amendment right. Following her suspension, Turner received a lot of support from fellow students both online and in school.

"A lot of them came into school with t-shirts that said 'bless you' on them to support me," Turner tells a local news station. Members of the Dyer County School District has refused to comment on the incident. Is it possible they think the teacher was wrong?

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HeatherBrewer96310 HeatherBrewer96310 2 years

what happened to disciplining children when they do something WRONG??? There was nothing wrong with saying bless you, it is common courtesy in the south!

AliciaAnderson72717 AliciaAnderson72717 2 years

Actually yes, yes they do want them to say all that lol. Good one!

DawnGooden DawnGooden 2 years

This is so ridiculous. i am personally not a follower of anything religious, but even I say 'bless you.' I just grew up saying it as a polite gesture when someone sneezed. To me it bears no weight spiritually so I don't take offense to it. How silly people can be these days over the dumbest things. Imagine if she had dropped a slew of f-bombs instead. This would be a different story entirely.

RhondaBaker8576 RhondaBaker8576 2 years

This is wrong I always say bless you when someone sneezes . I would seriously think about changing schools for my child.

LoriJones4640 LoriJones4640 2 years

So punish a kid who uses manners....nice. What is this world coming to when shit this stupid is allowed to happen. What about her right to say that to a classmate? Hmm or does the teacher only care about herself totally acting like a crazy control freak. I miss 20-30 yrs ago when ppl didn't act like self righteous retards.

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