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LindaStone42775 LindaStone42775 3 years

If I had a dollar for everytime I heard this I would be....on my own freaking island sipping a mai tai while I watch the nanny play with the kids.

stayathomemom stayathomemom 3 years
Super funny, Great comebacks! I have to remember some of these. Love the moving pictures! I sent this link to my loved ones. I love being a stay at home mom, but there are positives and negatives and you've covered most of them. I know some women envy me and others would go insane without their jobs, high heels, adult conversations and the self esteem that can come from career accomplishments. What a great world that there are so many different examples out there...stay home, work at home, have a career, take a few years many possibilites to those who sacrifice, work hard, and are lucky. I know there are many who do not have these opportunities, but this article is a fun way to look at some of the sarcasm involved in parenting and how it has changed over the generations. Being a stay at home mom has changed. I know my husband's father was just put in a playpin while the house was emaculate. I spent hours sitting on a counter in a kitchen while my mom made pies and cakes and bread, rolls, pizza from scratch. My son (17 months) can suck on a applesauce porta packet while strapped in my chest *with lifevest* in a carrier while we kayak the nearby lake. If he's still hungry the boobie is right there for his mid afternoon snack! Haha, don't judge. I don't have a comeback. We're just living the life we want, looking for fishes and pointing at birds. Then there are the days where the only outing we made is to walk the dogs in my pj's, my son has spent the day sliding down a mattress slide in the living room, and my husband gets to eat instant ramen cuz his wife and son are sleeping by 6pm. What shouldn't you say to a say at home mom? Nothing, we've heard it all, and love talking to someone other than our kid!
JMM5 JMM5 3 years
Megabon, I'm glad you recognize that you're lucky. But what is "off-putting" and "offensive" about a working mom calling out this article for including that statement? Your acknowledgment that you defend working moms or choices that other families make reads a little disingenuous when you feel the need to add in all the ways that you are there for your kids in a way that you think a working mom couldn't possibly be for her kids. It smacks of judgment. And kudos to you for pinching pennies to be able to stay home. Do you want a cookie for that? You don't think that plenty of double income families need that second income to hold it all together? This popsugar article doesn't contribute in any positive way to breaking down the stupid divide between mothers who work outside the home and mothers who don't. But your comments don't do anything to reduce the judgment that working moms feel from stay at home moms.
megabon megabon 3 years
Midd - I was actually going to post that people can feel free to call me lucky anytime without fear that I'll be offended. Being a SAHM is my dream job and just like any dream job it's not always perfect, but it's still a pretty awesome gig. But, Midd, your tone is completely off-putting and offensive. We count pennies so I can stay home and, as you point out, I have at least 40 more hours in my day to be a mom, so why would you think you could do everything I do? I defend mothers who work all the time. We all want what's best for our kids and I know sometimes that means both parents working. That being said, I volunteer in both my kids classrooms, am the Girl Scout group leader, a science lab leader in the PTSA, clean the house (at least I try to keep up), cook every single meal from scratch, and last week met my daughter off the bus in tears and comforted her. She does half-day kindergarten and there is no way I could have been there if I'd been working. I don't attack the realities of working moms, so please don't attack the realities of a SAHM. The good news is that kids from both SAHM and working parents grow up into great adults (I was one of those kids!) who know their parents love them more than anything. And that's what's important.
Mldd Mldd 3 years
This "article" is ridiculous. Yes, I do think you're lucky you get to stay home. Don't you? Why is that offensive to say? Don't you think that some of us working mothers with young children would LOVE to stay home? I hate when privileged populations think they even need more support. I get you're busy. Don't you think working moms do everything SAHMs do plus work? We also work 24 hours. Do you think when I get home from work I have a nanny to do the cooking, cleaning, laundry, driving..? I do everything you do but you have over 40 more hours a week to do it in.
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