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Why This Simple Craft Project For Toddlers Has Been Viewed 7 Million Times

TODDLER BUSY CANWhat a cute idea this is! And it's sure to keep that little toddler entertained and busy so you can get some laundry done, or maybe a shower, or clean the kitchen, so many great reasons as to why you want to make little Busy Can. <3

Posted by HowDoesShe on Saturday, December 5, 2015

It's a typical parental lament: you buy your toddlers fancy toys that whir and light up and blink and speak and giggle and use WiFi, but they inevitably find the boxes they came in far more entertaining.

So maybe that's why this quick-and-easy DIY toy made out of a used Pringles can is taking over the Internet.

The "toddler busy can" — which can be made using pipe cleaners, a hole puncher, and some colored paper hole reinforcements from our old high school days — has been viewed more than seven million times, likely because it promises to keep curious kiddos occupied long enough for parents to have a little time to themselves.

"What a cute idea this is," the video, posted to the HowDoesShe Facebook page, is captioned. "And it's sure to keep that little toddler entertained and busy so you can get some laundry done, or maybe shower, or clean the kitchen."

But perhaps better than simply keeping your kid entertained with a toy made from items you likely already own, it's an activity that can help them develop fine motor skills, improve their hand-eye coordination, and teach them to sort colors.

Will you try making this busy can for your kid?

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