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Toddler Says Goodbye to Pacifier With Balloons

Watch This Baby's Epic Farewell to Her Pacifier

All babies have to part with their binkies eventually, but it's not always the easiest childhood milestone. Sometimes there are waterworks, sleepless nights, and maybe even a backslide here and there (hey — we need sleep, too!). These creative parents helped their daughter say goodbye to her paci with an epic send-off that's super sweet — and based on this baby's reaction, we'd say the final farewell was a soaring success!

CarinNaughton CarinNaughton 3 years

That could have been said in a more positive way. No need to call people names. Maybe offering some advice would be nice, but the name calling is uncalled for.

StephanieSmith44106 StephanieSmith44106 3 years

It's littering and totally irresponsible. People are idiots! What goes up must come down. Thanks for encouraging this horrible behavior!!! Meanwhile others are forced to pick up your littered balloons and it's often tangled in wildlife that was killed with it.

VictoriaStevens33839 VictoriaStevens33839 3 years

I think it was a sweet idea, and the little one seemed to take it very well. I think the parents were just looking for a creative way for the little one to release her pacifier. Everyone teaches their children in different ways, and at different times. It is these differences that make the world so diverse. If everyone was the same, and did things the same exact way life wouldn't be much fun. This could have been a much more tramatizing experiance, but it wasn't. Smiles all around. Good job mom and dad :) *We do need to find a way to make dissolving balloons. I do see where that could end up being bad for animals that might choke on the material.

ClaraThomas1375 ClaraThomas1375 3 years

That's absolutely horrible! Balloons are dangerous to wildlife! There are tons of other ways to help a child let go of a pacifier than littering our planet with trash!

PriscillaSavary PriscillaSavary 3 years

And somewhere someone is now wondering when pacifiers began to do test flights....

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