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Hilarious Video Highlights the Mixed Messages Featured in Parenting Books

*NEW VIDEO* - Check out my new video with Riona - The Unnatural Woman about WHY PARENTING ADVICE IS CONFUSING! Tag a Mom who is nailing it x

Posted by Tova Leigh - My Thoughts about stuff on Thursday, August 10, 2017

With a myriad of pregnancy and parenting books available, from the old-school What to Expect When You're Expecting to the more modern Bringing Up Bébé, there's a ton of advice floating around from different experts, parents, and doctors who claim to know the best way to bring up your bébé — but do they actually? Funny mom Tova Leigh highlighted these contradictory pieces of advice in her latest video, in which her friend — fellow funny mom, Riona O'Connor of The Unnatural Woman — calls to announce her baby's finally slept through the night for the first time.

Although this milestone should be something to celebrate — as Tova does with her initial "Amazing!" response — her friend, who's holding a book literally titled "The Book," says the baby slept in her bed and that she just read in "The Annoying Book of Sleep" that you should never cosleep. Tova quickly counters that argument with something she read in "You're Doing It Wrong," followed by another nugget of advice she saw in "The Bullsh*t Book," and her friend counters all that with something she skimmed through in "There's Only ONE Way."

Although the video is meant to highlight the fact that there's too much "advice" out there in a silly way, Tova's final thoughts on the subject ring more true than any parenting advice we're ever heard: most — if not all — of these books can probably be thrown out the window in favor of following your motherly instincts — even if that instinct is to hide in the pantry and eat chocolate as soon as your partner comes home from work.

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