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United Arab Emirates Breastfeeding Law

A New Law Enforcing Breastfeeding Raises Serious Questions

In the United Arab Emirates, a new clause was recently passed that requires new moms to breastfeed their babies for two full years, The National reports. As part of the recently enacted Childs Right Law, the breastfeeding clause is supposed to offer every child the same health benefits during their first few years of life.

But the law brings up serious implications for the new mothers that it applies to. For instance, now men can sue their wives if they don't breastfeed. If a woman is unable to nurse her own infant, for whatever reason, she will be provided with a wet nurse to feed the baby.

Do you think that the UAE is setting an example for the rest of the world or that the government is overstepping its boundaries and depriving new mothers the ability to make their own choices? To get the whole scoop, head over to The Huffington Post.

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wolfcat87 wolfcat87 3 years

People need to get over the idea that what they want is more important than what the tiny humans they created NEED. No parent has any right to put their child at a disadvantage in life or to not meet a child's valid need. If you feel that you have a right to not meet your child's needs from the start, you are no kind of fit parent and should refrain from reproducing. We create children to make the world better, and the next generation is more important than the current for the sake of the future of all. This trend of putting selfishness first and any kind of responsibility last is pathetic.

wolfcat87 wolfcat87 3 years

This is a brilliant law and should be in place everywhere.

VictoriaRogers42846 VictoriaRogers42846 3 years
I have successfully breastfed all 3 of my children and believe that breast is best but do not believe that anyone other than the mother has the right to make that decision. I was only able to breastfeed my first child for 10 months as it was too painful when I returned to work. Same for my second child. When I had my third, I decided to quit work and decided to gain a higher education, this allowed me to breast feed for almost 2 years. Breast feeding should be the mothers choice, always! I would never have allowed anyone else to feed my children (wet nurse) and if it was a legal requirement, I would have chosen not to have children.
JenniferWard63137 JenniferWard63137 3 years
Wet Nurse is disgusting when it's forced on you!!! Formula can be more healthy than breastmilk bc breastmilk gets it's nutrients from what the individual eats. So the biological mother gets to decide what intake of food & beverage (no drugs or nicotine) the wet nurse devours right???!!!! That government is filled with PIGS!!! USA would never pass this law. Women have too much power in this country to stand for it!
ErnaZiegelmeier ErnaZiegelmeier 3 years
Yo guys you should all relax...breastfeeding is every person on this planets choice...I had a baby at 45 and breastfed for 2 years...because I wanted to...the upside is that my child has never been ill or been on any antibiotics...she loved her dummy and she took a bottle with formula if i had to go out....and she was the easiest baby since i introduced all 3 when she was just born....formula, dummy and boob.....she is 10 years old now...however...if you have to go to work and have a stressful hectic life....or do not enjoy the experience then don't do it...your baby will feel the stress and you will not have enough milk...I also run a pre-school and the kids that do get breastfed don't get very sick when they have to go to that part is a huge bonus...financially... the stress that goes with constantly sick kids that get all sorts of viruses at a pain...but ultimately I found it easier to breastfeed than doing the bottles and the washing just much easier to breastfeed...if you can.
SarahSellers22184 SarahSellers22184 3 years
I'm completely in utter shock over some of these comments. I breast fed and pumped for both my boys. It was enough to get them through to about 6 mths. Unfortunately my busy school schedule could not keep the demands of my milk, it slowed down and eventually stopped. I was glad that I had that time, seemed it was the only time I could rest with my poor colic son and I myself fount it to be soothing. I hated that I had to switch to formula but that's life and no I did not feel guilty, it was just our bonding time. My boys don't really get sick ever and they are truly geniuses ( just a proud momma comment!) Really they are socially well rounded ( church babies!) anyways what hurts me is seeing women tearing each other down and their children based on a personal choice, that either way you look at it have both kept kids fed for years! Regulardless what our personal choice we need to lift each other up and agree that it is a choice. Think how powerful this world would be if we all stuck together and supported another. The fact is if that the government ever tried to force me to let another women breast feed my son, I would have nutted out. I was so emotionally overwhelming in love when I met my sons and the truth is I had options. So yes if it was up to my child dying I would allow it, but other than that Heck No! It would have crushed me. So women think about what you say and remember what ASSumptions are and who makes them.
BriannaNWilliams BriannaNWilliams 3 years
That comment got chopped then copied and pasted in the middle of it but oh well, it still gets my point across even if it's a little out of order and repetitive :) Have a nice day everybody!
BriannaNWilliams BriannaNWilliams 3 years
Mari60612, I'm not going to waste my time trying to argue with you. You're obviously very ignorant and do not have an open mind to anything. I comprehend everything perfectly and understood the article and your ridiculous post (that didn't make sense, have a basic thread of topic, or flow of thought) just fine. You're post didn't say with or without medical reason, just that refusing to breastfeed your child meant you don't love your child(ren). Oh, and I'm not fat nor ignorant. I'm 5'1" and weigh 100 lbs, have an IQ of 158 and am a member of MENSA. You resulting to name calling and insults just further proves how closed-minded and ignorant you are. These posts and comment sections are meant to have nice discussions and sharing of thoughts, reactions, and opinions about articles, not to tear down or insult people. You claim to want the best for your child, so how about you grow up and act like a mature adult and seI also really don't understand why you said something along the lines of whatever medical reason I stated was just something I told my family and the guilt of it was causing me to insult you... WOW! You make gross asumptions that are totally inacurate and flat out bizzare. You seem to have crazy ideas/scenarios floating around in your head. I do not have any idea what your family or personal life is like but I don't have to lie to my family. You resulting to name calling and insults just further proves how closed-minded and ignorant you are. These posts and comment sections are meant to have nice discussions and sharing thoughts, reactions, and opinions about articles, not to tear down or insult people. You claim to want the best for your child, so how about you grow up and act like a mature adult and set a good and moral example? You're obviously not doing that based on your behavior on this website meant for helping mothers and children.t a good and moral example? You're obviously not doing that based on your behavior on this website meant for helping mothers and children.
Jennifer15354679 Jennifer15354679 3 years
Arg I missed a word in my original post it was supposed to say: NOT for this law
Jennifer15354679 Jennifer15354679 3 years
Dear Krisa, I did my best to breastfeed my children but had I continued the would have died. My body simply did not produce enough milk to keep them alive. People who spoke as you do caused me to feel shame and heart ache. You need to watch what you say it is fine to encourage people to breastfeed but don't condem them when they can't. I am thankful the UAE realizes the need to provide wetnurses but I would have cried handing my child over to someone else to be feed. I am definitely for this law.
AliciaAnderson72717 AliciaAnderson72717 3 years
I think it's stupid but what do I know about the UAE? I'm all for breastfeeding but it's a personal choice (nutrients? Or formula/chemicals?......your choice). I had to ff my baby because of health reasons but I would do anything to go back and bf him. Now he drinks goat milk because he's allergic to cow milk....he loves it!! There are other options besides formula for those mommies that can't bf.
HadizaIbrahimNdanusa HadizaIbrahimNdanusa 3 years
Its actually good to breastfeed but it shouldn't be put to law.
Birdi15350191 Birdi15350191 3 years
Enact a law forcing women to feed their children? Oh how terrible! Just kidding. Because of my cancer I couldn't breastfeed, boy do I wish the law required a wet nurse for me for free. Sure beats the $800 we had to spend for donor milk from the milk bank. Just because their are "alternatives"doesn't mean they should be used. No other animal on the planet can use anything but their own milk and for very good reason. Formula actually killed my first daughter, so think before you buy folks.
MichelleEllam MichelleEllam 3 years
In case this needs clarification I did not of anything to cause my illness. Consultant days it was purely bad luck I had it.
MichelleEllam MichelleEllam 3 years
No, I don't like this mandate. Encourage breast feeding yes, but not make it law. I breasted my son for 7 weeks, then he screamed the house down every time I tried to. So switched to formula. Well it turns out I probably wasn't producing any milk. As just over a week later I was in extreme pain with an incredibly rare pregnancy related disorder. Blood transfusions, chemo and steroids order of the day. Was life threatening so not like I could refuse meds, Ok you say I obviously had med reasons to be excused. But felt guilty from not breast feeding, and not being able to do normal things with my son. A month in hospital and came out in a wheelchair. So then seeing a wet nurse feeding my son would have made me feel even worse. So for all who are pro breast feeding and think this sounds great, what about the mothers mental health if wet nurse is needed? Btw his nursery recently described him as bright, caring and helpful. Lot more to parenting than just feeding.
Shelda Shelda 3 years
What will they force women to do next? Sounds like soon they will own womens bodies.
carolineacton carolineacton 3 years
I wasn't breastfed and I'm perfectly fine thanks so is my brother we are both happy we'll adjusted adults raising families of our own(his 2kids are both at university and doing great ) we are both very close to our parents and both love mum very much despite not being breastfed to say come back when they're grown up is ridiculous there are plenty if us who have grown up just fine thank you .i have no problem with people who breastfeed their babies good for you I couldn't but I'm getting fed up of some (note I say some) of the high and mighty attitude of some mums who think they are better than the rest of us because they do breast feed I don't see a lot of formula feeding mums criticizing breast feeding mums why can we not just leave each other alone for gods sake I'm sure if we looked into it there will be a fair share of anti social and downright horrible people in society who were both bottle and breastfed enough already live and let live people xxxx
polska7princess polska7princess 3 years
Religion? This has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with a totalitarian state telling people what to do. I'm all for breastfeeding; trust me! But my kids both weaned themselves and refused to nurse BEFORE two years old. I guess we not inly have to FORCE mothers to breastfeed (which is sickening and wrong), but we also have to FORCE babies WITH TEETH to nurse, even when they do not want to. Why don't we just chain these women up and make sure they aren't allowed to refuse sex to their husbands and keep them pregnant and breastfeeding until they are no longer useful. Women are NOT livestock and should not be treated as such.
shadowtalker shadowtalker 3 years
We can thank the breast nazis - in one form or another - for this sh-t. Seriously, us in the US need to take news like this seriously and realize what such hardline stances can do to people.
ZeesMuse ZeesMuse 3 years
Dear Krisa1109 - Son is 26, formula fed, 6 feet tall, smarter as whip. We are extremely close. Breastfeeding didn't cross my mind because I had to work and every breast fed baby I know was either whiney, constantly rooting, and mom was either attached to the baby or a breast pump 24/7. Sorry. Your argument is invalid. As for the 'law' - this is a mother's choice. The government has no right. This is one of the few times I'll stand with a pro-choicer and yell to the rafters - keep your laws off my body. If you want to breastfeed - that's great and it's YOUR choice. Do NOT force YOUR CHOICE on me.
Krisa1109 Krisa1109 3 years
Bethany performs her share of community service...but she didn't tell you it's court ordered. Lol. DUI? Maybe you should have been breasted. Every child deserves to be breasted. If you want something bad enough you can achieve it. And for all the moms saying their kids were formula fed and they are to me again when they are adults. Exclusively breasted children experience an irreplaceable bonding with their mothers. That lasts a lifetime. And why would you opt to give your child a cheap imitation? Don't they deserve the real thing 100% authentic?
carolineacton carolineacton 3 years
To FORCE anyone to do something they don't want too isn't right this should be a personal choice ,I couldn't feed my 2 daughters for medical reasons but I don't think I'd want too see another woman feeding my child they are both healthy, well adjusted non-violent girls my eldest in the top percent for her age group ,I have 2 friends who breast fed their sons well over the age of 2 and one is asthmatic with endless ear infections and the other also has ear infections and is behind in his age group so stop trying to make people feel bad formula feeding great if you can breast feed I'm really happy for you and I wish I could have but the fact is I couldn't and it hasn't done them any harm live and let live ladies and stop trying to out do each other we do what we can motherhood is a big enough job without people constantly trying to make you feel inadequate x
jawahir jawahir 3 years
this is our religion why are you complaining do what you want in your countries and leave us to do what we want in our countries
Chants1980 Chants1980 3 years
No one should force anyone to do anything.
Mari60612 Mari60612 3 years
That's true tinav, it's all about the money. Hell, when the stuff was invented, it was touted as better than breast milk for your baby. Oh bethany, apparently you don't use the Internet much. No one is here trying to get an A+ in English. We're posting quickly, at least I am, cause I have two children to live and care for. So allowing spell check to work, or not work for me is typically irrelevant. But when you're chomping at the bits, as you have, it's a complete sense of frustration on your part that you're displaying. Clearly it's more important to nit pick, than to stay on point. It's a way to ignore the reality, that you're a violent beast. You're aggression is best invested here I suppose, god spare the children! Did you even graduate high school? Cause the behavior itself screams abuse or neglect. You seem to be stuck. Seek help, it will benefit the children. I promise.
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