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Don't Panic — There's a Good Reason Your Breast Milk Changes Color

As you move through the stages of breastfeeding your baby, you may start to notice subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) differences in your breast milk. Some days its consistency may be more watery, and others it could take on a totally different color. But before you speed-dial your doctor in a frenzied panic, allow us to reassure you that a changed hue is 100 percent normal — and it's actually quite remarkable why it alters so much.

A recent post on the Facebook page Breastfeeding Mama Talk tackled this topic after one concerned mom submitted a picture of her liquid gold four days postpartum. The post explained how breast milk can often change color depending on what the mother has eaten. For example, if a mom drank a lot of blue Gatorade one day, her milk may have a slight blue tint to it. But there's also another reason it changes hues, and it's a beautiful testament to just how capable a woman's body truly is.

The post said:

It does not always look the same because breast milk changes its composition throughout the feedings, as well as throughout the day. As baby grows, breast milk continues to change to meet the needs for optimal growth, at each stage of baby's development. This means that mom's breast milk at four months is perfectly suited to the needs of her four month old baby, and at six months, perfectly suited for her six month old.

So there's not something wrong with you!* Your milk simply changes colors (sometimes even throughout the same day) to adapt to your baby's needs. If your child is sick, your milk will change in an attempt to help them fight it off. How freakin' awesome is that?!

*If you do feel as though something may be wrong with your breast milk, definitely reach out to your doctor or pediatrician.

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