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When Her Nephew Got Hungry, This Woman Did the Only Thing She Could Think of — She Breastfed Him Herself

My gorgeous little nephew! While my sister was at work today I tried to give him a bottle of her expressed milk a few...

Posted by The Milk Meg on Monday, March 21, 2016

Stories of women breastfeeding other women's babies are not all that uncommon, but as the world begins accepting breastfeeding more publicly, these beautiful stories are getting shared more and more. So when Meg Nagle was watching her sister's beautiful baby son but he wouldn't eat from a bottle, she did the most natural thing she could think of: she breastfed him herself — and then posted a selfie to Facebook to share it with her followers.

"While my sister was at work today I tried to give him a bottle of her expressed milk a few times (which he wouldn't take)," Meg wrote in the post under the photo of her and her nephew nursing. "I could see he was tired so I popped him on the boob and voila, he was asleep in minutes."

Now that's a thorough babysitter! Read her whole post and see the adorable selfie above.

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