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This Husband's Real-Time Reaction to His Wife's Pregnancy News Almost Looks Like Slow-Mo

For their five-year wedding anniversary, Luke and Erika had a run-of-the-mill photo shoot appointment booked with photographer Callynth Finney — or so Luke thought. In a video filmed during the session, Erika pops in to do an intro, saying, "We're here for our five-year anniversary shoot, and Luke has no idea he's about to find out he's going to be a dad." The video (which features music by Minneapolis artist, Rachel Kurtz) continues, and the couple adorably poses in various locations, until they get to a grassy spot where they decide to roll out a blanket Erika brought from home to sit on — which has a baby onesie tucked inside. You'll feel like you're watching Luke's real-time reaction to the surprise in slow motion, but once he fully realizes what's going on, his response is too cute for words.

"At first, Luke assumed the baby shirt was left over from a previous session," Callynth told POPSUGAR. "It took him a few seconds to catch on. If you read his lips, you can see him saying: 'You're pregnant? I'm going to be a dad?!' The affection between these two made this session an easy one. It was so much fun!"

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