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Young Girls on School Dress Codes and Being "Distractions" to Boys

In many schools, there are strict dress code policies that seem to mostly affect what a girl can wear to school (i.e. skirt and shorts lengths), and the tweens in this video are all in violation of those policies in certain states based on their outfits. However, being told that they were violating dress code policies did not go over well with these sharp young ladies, and the things they had to say have us slow clapping.

"Dress codes assume that boys are always going to be distracted by what a girl's wearing."

"My collarbone should not be considered a distraction. Or my knees, or my skin. They shouldn't be something that men or boys are distracted by."

"It's heartbreaking to know that I can't just exist in my natural form and wear what I want to wear because I'm comfortable in it without being seen as a distraction."

"It seems like the point of dress codes was actually to keep girls from shame, but all it does is make them feel bad and shame them."

"That in and of itself just says to society that we value a boy's education over girls'. If a girl is wearing a tank top, she can't come to school, she can't learn, but if a boy is wearing shorts, he should be there."

"If men are distracted, why don't you just tell them to just look away instead of body shaming women?"

The video ends with each girl sharing who they are individually, but they all add, "I am more than a distraction."

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