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SarahHampton1398985653 SarahHampton1398985653 3 years

Well thank you! I work extremely hard to teach my children to be aware of themselves and how their words and actions affect others. They are growing into very polite and respectable young people and I'm extremely proud of them.

CindyAWeaver CindyAWeaver 3 years

That's okay, it's not a big deal. Some folks do need to lighten up. I see you agreeing with Dawn about how it's important to communicate with kids about using wheelie sneakers properly, so I guess that's something. I think that's what that elderly woman was getting at, maybe she didn't express herself properly enough. In any case. I'm no longer confused, I get exactly where you're coming from.

SarahHampton1398985653 SarahHampton1398985653 3 years

You're confused about the attacking tone? Seriously? Maybe re-read this thread then. I wasn't attacking anyone with my response to the article saying I thought Heelies were awesome OR in my response to OneMerciless putting my children down and my parenting skills down. The fact that my renegade children don't even own Heelies is what makes her criticizing and negative responses so hilarious. I DO NOT AGREE WITH ONEMERCILESS in any way. I think she is mean and hateful and judgmental and I feel sorry for her. She made that a direct comment against myself and my children and she doesn't know us in any way. My children behave themselves respectfully and appropriately regardless of whether we are in public or private.
I never said it wasn't fine for her to mention her health problems either. The start of my response to her bashing my family was to say I was sorry for them. I'm confused where you're coming from lady.

SarahHampton1398985653 SarahHampton1398985653 3 years

You are pretty spot on there!!

TennilleNicolo1383154652 TennilleNicolo1383154652 3 years

Good luck, toots! Several of these were on my list, too. Around 2 years of age, someone bought my child a 5 pack of Barney videos and she was instantly hooked. And I was annoyed. That's when she got a tv and DVD player in her room to preserve my sanity. I also despise bratz, monster high, and the like, but people have given them as gifts (she's only 4!!) and I guess I didn't handle it well as she now has a vast collection. Focus on the important stuff and choose your battles wisely for there will be many. There will be NO screaming though. None.

CindyAWeaver CindyAWeaver 3 years

I'm confused about the attacking tone of the reply when all OneMercilessMing did was express how kids skating around a store (inappropriate) makes her nervous about being hit and possibly injured - and, yes, it was fine for her to mention she has arthritis and is up there in age, it explains her concerns. She's obviously been in stores where this occurs - I, gratefully, have not as yet. I HAVE been bumped into by wild-acting kids while shopping and felt sorry for sobbing ones who appear to be alone sitting in a shopping cart. (I stick around until I see someone actually come back to the cart, but don't approach the child for fear someone think I want to snatch them.)
The article really has nothing to do with any of this, from what I read, so that makes me more confused. Sarah would have been better off saying she agreed with OneMerciless... that children need to be supervised and behave themselves in public places. Case closed.

DawnGooden DawnGooden 3 years

The problem is the parents not having clear communication about how to properly use those things. When I was in high school (which was over 10 years ago,) those wheelie sneakers were HUGE. Not once did we have any problems. Those who had them were respectful, watched where they were going, and certainly didn't act like "hellions" as you put it in your other comment.

I understand, of course, that there are those kids who are not so respectful and concerned for those around them, but that goes FAR beyond wheelie shoes--hopefully we can agree on that at least. I agree though, for those "renegade children" a good bit more parental supervision, attention, and common sense could go a long way. However, it's more than likely that most (but not all) of those kids come from homes where the parents just don't give a damn.

RenataAzevedo RenataAzevedo 3 years

What even??? Barbie has a million of jobs, and yeah kids to be what they wanna be, ken is always a "prince" or "surfer" I bet Barbie pay the bills

SarahHampton1398985653 SarahHampton1398985653 3 years

I was SO incredibly mad when I saw her response and calling my children hellions last night I couldn't even respond. Thank you so very much for standing up for my children and me!!! <3 Like you, I work my behind off to raise my children to be aware of and respect the people around them. Just for the record, no this person does not know me or my children in any way or she would never say such things. I don't even have anything to say except thank you so much. You have warmed my heart today.
PS: I responded to her anyways. Hopefully she sees it! xoxo

SarahHampton1398985653 SarahHampton1398985653 3 years

I will respond anyway!
1st: My children DONT EVEN OWN HEELIES!
2nd: My children are responsible for their actions as they are their own people with their own minds and control of their own bodies. I am responsible to teach them to be as responsible and respectful as they can be and I have done a damn good job so far. They do NOT behave as little hellions. Gahh I'm so angry at that comment.
3rd: OneMercilessMing doesn't know anything about my children or me so can not speak of my strengths or my weakness because she is COMPLETELY IGNORANT of both.
4th: The last thing I ever think about it is myself. My children and I do a LOT for others long before we do them for ourselves. I am teaching them to be giving, loving, and kind and they are learning those characteristics very well.
Last: I am a better person than you because I would NEVER put anyone down or judge them (especially someone I don't even know) as you have done to not only me but my children as well. I feel nothing but sympathy for you as you seem to carry a lot of negativity inside of yourself. I hope someone shows you love very soon. I am beyond angry at your words but as you are completely ignorant in your prattling my anger will quickly dissipate. I wish nothing but good health and happiness for you.

JoyceWilliams48704 JoyceWilliams48704 3 years

My son likes "My Little Pony". Since he's so young (two), I get him the MLP "beanie babies" . If he keeps liking MLP during his older years, I'll get him more MLP toys, and would even take him to the "Brony Con". I like MLP, too. The new show (Friendship is Magic) is like a guilty pleasure for me: I can't get enough of it!!

GladysMachawira GladysMachawira 3 years

I hear you on the need for peace and quiet...and the CLEAN space!

JVL1 JVL1 3 years

How self-righteous! Not to mention ego-centric! It's all about your little darlings and their right to behave as hellions, isn't it? THAT decidedly does NOT make you "better person" than anyone. Have you no thought for anyone but yourself? Whatever happened to public good manners and responsible parenting? Obviously, you lack BOTH. If your kid knocks me over because YOU can't parent properly, prepare for the legal consequences. YOU are responsible for the actions of your children.
Don't bother to reply. You are officially on "ignore". Poor thing.

SarahHampton1398985653 SarahHampton1398985653 3 years

I'm sorry for your health issues but I think you may need to lighten up a little and I highly recommend that you stop judging people you know the nothing about.

PS I deleted 90% of the reply I had written due to having "common sense" and plain ol' being a better person than you!

DeniseArbuckle DeniseArbuckle 3 years

I used to feel the same way about Bratz and Monster High dolls (my step-daughter is 7 years old and has been BEGGING for these since she was 6). I changed my stance, though, after one of my friends (she's 15 years older than me) told me that when SHE was a kid, Barbie dolls were seen as "risque" and now we let kids play with them without batting an eyelash. She said that it's more about HOW you educate your children, and not which toys you let them play with. She was right. When my daughter was younger, they didn't have Monster High dolls, so I didn't have to contend with this topic so much, but I definitely let her have Barbies, and when she was about 8 or 9 years old, she had Bratz dolls as well.

Recently, we started permitting my step-daughter to have these dolls, but her father and I do stand firm at letting her watch the Bratz and Monster High DVDs. We watched an episode of the Monster High cartoon, and the story line was all about attracting boys, fighting with other girls, etc. We haven't noticed any "negative" behavior since allowing her to have these dolls.

PamelaMitcham PamelaMitcham 3 years

What a ridiculous list full of half baked suppositions. I agree whole-heartedly with the moms who point out that the things that should be on a list like this are disrespecting others, being cruel, selfishness, mockery..... Toys are just toys. Teach your child that they are for amusement and just for fun and instill in them values. As for toy guns, really? Yes, shelter your child from guns and weapons and I'm sure he'll never, ever be curious about the real thing. Yep, that won't backfire on you at all! About the only thing I can agree with you on is the TV in the bedrooms.... we don't have one in our room or our kids' rooms.

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