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Officer Buys Eggs For Woman Caught Shoplifting

A Woman Caught Shoplifting Was Shocked by What This Officer Did

Today's heartwarming story comes out of Tarrant, AL, where a woman was caught shoplifting five eggs in order to feed her children, grandchildren, and nieces. According to, the family hadn't eaten in three days and the woman, Helen Johnson, was desperate to provide for them. Police officer William Stacy, who was called to the scene to potentially arrest the woman, decided to purchase a carton of eggs for them instead. Stacy, who had been to the family's house on a previous call, understood the financial situation that pushed the woman to decide to steal and felt for her. In a statement to, the officer stated, "I felt like it was the right thing to do. I didn't want to pass judgment on her. . . . Sometimes the best route is to not arrest."

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