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What Words Will Make You Money

Quora Users Weigh In on the ONE Word That Will Get You Rich

Getting rich starts with a dream, and that dream starts with a sentence. That sentence boils down to one word, the seed of the vision — but not everyone agrees on it! In fact, people on the Internet have varying ideas on the single word that will make you bank. Check out what seven different Quora users had to say.


"Trustworthy" may be more compelling than you realized. According to user Dakota Lim, "Clients and customers will seek you out to do business with you. Through word of mouth, they will tell their friends, relatives, [and] acquaintances about your superior service and products." This is something I hadn't thought of, but isn't it true? I, for one, refuse to buy anything from a salesperson I don't trust. Having a credible bond with someone interested in doing business is the best way for me to even consider the proposition. "When a person is trustworthy, opportunities are abundant," Dakota says. "People will invite you into their homes, into their social network, into their business circles."


Consistency is key, says user Fred Campos. "Most rich people I know personally share one characteristic I don't find in others," he says. "They focus and do one thing very well and stick with it, almost to a fault." Zeroing in on one thing you're good at could be the window to your success (and man, does that breeze feel good or what?!). "I know very wealthy mechanics — without a college education — who fix cars better than anyone else and always have," Fred says. "I know wealthy writers who have written every day for years and are extremely successful. I know business owners who have consistently stayed the course and developed an empire." In short: hone your skills and don't stray from the path!


An intriguing concept, user Mira Zaslove thinks "because" will get you the cash you desire. "People who get rich are persuasive and credible," she says. "One of the best ways to get other people to do what you want them to? And to sound credible? Use the word 'because.'" Zaslove cites a study done by Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer, in which Langer tested the capabilities of the word by having people ask to cut in line. The result? More people were successful when they used "because." "If you want to be rich, be specific in your assertions — many people will let you get ahead if you just ask," Zaslove says. "Then say that magic word 'because' — a larger majority are likely to say 'yes.'"


Speaking of saying "yes" — classic but still so effective, this is the winning word when it comes to wealth, says user Rob Hanna. "Learning how and when to say 'yes' is the only word that will make you rich more than any other word on the planet, and you only need to say it once," Rob says. "So only say 'yes' to the right opportunity, at the right time, in the right place, with the right people, for the right reasons, and with the biggest possible rewards for the right risks you'll willingly accept taking." Can't argue with that logic!


This is refreshing: user James Altucher thinks "no" is where the money's at. "We get exposed to 2700 advertising messages a day," he writes. "Every single one of them wants your money, wants your 'yes' in exchange for something. So your mind, your body, your thoughts, your voice have to say 'no.'" And if you save and save and save by saying "no" regularly, then hey — you'll have a hell of a lot more cash than you had before. "Look what I can gain with that one word: Enormous amounts of money," James says. "Add up costs of college, home, marriage (if I want); children (if I want); complicated bank-approved savings plans; the thousands of small items, big items, luxury items; investments in this world-changing new ad technology. [It] all adds up. A nickel here. $500,000 there."


One anonymous Quora user encourages everyone to ask themselves "how" questions: "Use it while thinking aloud," the person writes. "As often as you can. [Ask yourself], how can I be happy? How can I enjoy life? How can I resolve this? How can I solve hunger/inequality/racial and gender discrimination? How can I make a difference? How does one find contentment in life?" And the overarching question that will get that cash flowing: "How can I add value? Or, better still, how can I create value?"


Who would've thought that "done" is a word with significant power behind it? "It builds confidence when you more often complete your tasks," says user Rahul Sinha. "The sense of confidence allows you to take on new challenges and continue to grow." Interesting, but now that I think of it, using "done" actually does feel awesome. Furthermore, "It pleases others when you respond with 'done' to others who asked for your help. Writing 'done' reminds everyone they are part of a team, and you have a key role. Those who use this word often also happen to be rich, because they are driven by [their] own talents to achieve greatness." So when you're finished reading this piece, say to yourself, "Done!" Wait, is that not how it works?

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