4 Reasons I'm Glad My Office Has an Open Floorplan

In my office, we sit in desk pods, generally of four people, with no walls separating us and no doors to close anyone in or out. While I know this type of office setting can be difficult for some people to work in, due to the ease of distractions, I love it. This setting makes me feel like we're all one big team rather than splitting people up due to a hierarchy of sorts. I feel like it fosters collaboration among us and makes a positive working environment. Beyond that, here are four other reasons that an open office floorplan is the best environment to work in.

It encourages working relationships

Our desks don't have walls between them, and all I have to do is scoot over to to chat with a coworker about any questions I might have about what she's working on. It helps us work collaboratively because we're all so easily accessible to one another.

It makes a light, open space

Being inside a cubicle can be stuffy, unless you somehow have a bunch of windows. Our office is wide open and bright, which for me creates an inviting space that I enjoy being in. When I'm happy to be at work, it's easier for me to engage my brain and produce work I'm proud of.

It promotes equality

I've heard complaints from people who think an open office plan puts a spotlight on everyone because we're so out in the open and visible, but the way I see it, it puts everyone on an even playing field. No one here has an office or a cubicle. My desk is the same as an intern's desk. We are all the same, except some people have a window seat, which really isn't that big of a deal.

It's inviting when we have visitors

Because we're a media company, we have a lot of people coming through the office for meetings and interviews, and so many of them tell me how nice and open our office is. They feel like they can walk through it and feel like they're part of our team because they're right in this with us.