50 Small and Big Moves to Make at Work This Year

POPSUGAR Photography | Maria Del Rio
POPSUGAR Photography | Maria Del Rio

It's time to make some changes — both big and small — this year. And if you're not sure what kind of career resolution you should set for yourself, take a look at this list, and pick one or more!

  1. Find a work mentor
  2. Organize a volunteer activity
  3. Record your achievements
  4. Ask your boss for feedback
  5. Schedule regular check-ins with your boss
  6. Set monthly goals
  7. Remove the clutter from your desk
  8. Clean up your to-do list
  9. Be more prompt about answering emails
  10. Find a new work buddy
  11. Send more professional emails
  12. Lend a hand to a co-worker
  13. Take on a new responsibility
  14. Organize an event at work
  15. Ask for a promotion
  16. Request a raise
  17. Take a class that will help you with work
  18. Go to more networking events
  19. Update your LinkedIn profile
  20. Give your résumé a makeover
  21. Delegate more
  22. Organize work socials
  23. Plan further in advance
  24. Take vacation time
  25. Make note of your time-sucks and try to work on them
  26. Wake up earlier
  27. Send thank-you cards to show appreciation
  28. Take a short break in the afternoon for a walk
  29. Focus on the positives of work instead of the negatives
  30. Read books related to your field
  31. Find a better system for organizing emails
  32. Clean out your computer
  33. Offer to mentor someone
  34. Pack your lunch for work
  35. Reach out to a co-worker you feel like you need to get to know better
  36. Do a better job of managing
  37. Avoid office gossip
  38. Take public transportation to work
  39. Cut back on caffeine and sugar during work hours
  40. Give positive and constructive feedback to co-workers
  41. Ask for more feedback from peers
  42. Don't do work on vacation unless required
  43. Don't relay important news over email
  44. File your expenses on time
  45. Turn in projects before their deadlines
  46. Seek out work when you have downtime
  47. Take advantage of health benefits
  48. Ask for PTO in advance so you get your desired dates off
  49. Cut words such as "um" or "like" from your vocabulary
  50. Join your local Toastmasters