The Shocking Way Gordon Ramsay and Beyoncé Are on the Same Level

Gordon Ramsay is the only chef to make Forbes's list of the highest-paid celebrities of 2016, further proving his position as one of the most successful people in the food industry. The 49-year-old British celebrity chef has three TV shows, 30 restaurants(!), a recently launched mobile game called Gordon Ramsay Dash, and of course, too many good cooking tips to count. Perhaps the most impressive part of his ranking as the 34th highest-paid celebrity of the year is the fact that he's tied with . . . Beyoncé.

Getty | Roy Rochlin
Getty | Kevin Winter

Yep, that's right. According to Forbes's June-to-June numbers, Gordon and Beyoncé both made $54 million, meaning each of them snagged the 34th spot. Who knew they had so much in common? F*cking brilliant! as Gordon would say. Curious about who else made the cut? Check out the full list of Forbes's highest-paid celebrities of 2016, and then learn even more interesting facts about Gordon Ramsay.